Born in January 2000. SoV is still the longest lived guild in WoS. Many years has changed WoS, but SoV still remains one of the best, with their pride and glory SoV stomps down any that challenges SoV. WoS was the birth of SoV and, surely, not the last. As the guild grew the branches within the guild grew branching into many different games were we also stand as champions. Today as you read this, SoV continues to evolve and become stronger than their opponents. Many have stood challenge and few were capable, but as time pass, so did they. But, SoV is still here.

The leaders are the organizers and guidance of the guild. They serve as the arrow. SoV is known to have made and bring in leaders from all over the world. And each has been tested to their abilities. Only the best of the guild may be elected and serve as a leader. A leader can not lack the ability with his or her people, the sword or the ability of strategies against enemies. He or she must embody knowledge, courage, heart and strength to lead SoV. As of today, we have had the honor to elect the following lines of Semi-Gods of Well of Souls.

You need to petition to SoV on our forums to join us. The full explaination for petitioning is here. Otherwise you can just go to the forum and post your petition here.

PKing Guide
Written By: Ivy (additional material added by Hesacon)

Debuffs/Rebuffs - These are spells that either raise or lower your stats while you're in a camp and are essential in pking.

Screech - This spell will reduce your opponents Defense, therefor when you hit someone screeched it will do near 25% more damage.
Raise Stamina - You must use this spell when someone screechs you, this will counter the effect of Screech.

Unravel - This spell will decrase the strength of your opponent, its only good to use on Melee users.
Raise Strentgh - This will counter the effect of unravel.

Grease - This spell will reduce the odds of a melee users ability to hit you, this will also affect debuffs such as unravel,grease,stupify,spiders and screech.
Raise Dextarity - Use this spell to counter the Grease effect.

Stupify - This spell is used to reduce the damage of spells, this will not affect debuffs, although very effective to use against spell users.
Raise Wisdom - This spell is used to counter Stupify.

Spiders - This spell rather useless although the odd person will use this. When a person uses Grease on you, if you cast this on your opponent and it doesn't "Miss" it will counter the effect of grease making you able to hit your opponent without having to worry about missing. Its a risky move and your better off raising your dex.
Raise Agility - Use this spell to counter Spiders.

How to lag trick?
Easy, the lag has to be set first of all, because sometimes this may not work, but it should most of the time.
When your opponent casts a spell/attack/item, you wait until this actually hits you(or hits them if it is a rebuff). Then while your being hit, you blink a little, while you are blinking from being hit you cast a spell, like grease for example. When you cast this spell, you will notice you can attack again while the spell is going, choose a new spell like screech for example or hit them. Out of confusion your enemy may stall, in which case you get another hit and double them, or they will rebuff Dexterity Giving you a great advantage.

How to see lag tricks in PKS?
Many people, see an attack and then click their own attack and BOOM, the other guy lag tricked Grease on you and you missed. Such a failure and OMG hes cheap? Well you should watch it. When the other guy attacks normally without lag tricking, YOU DO NOT get a curser to attack until the attack is done, right? Well when your enemy lag tricks, you get a curser right away, this is your chance to go through the lag trick and screw him up by casting the right spell or in some cases just attack him. This is a little harder to learn but hopefully you see what it is.

Lots of people overclick. Do you wait to see the outcome of the spell casted? Do you click so fast you can't remember what you did? Are people doubling you and you overclick?
Well first off, wait for a spell to hit you and see if it fails, if it fails YAY you get a free hit, if it hits than rebuff. When the other person is doubling you a lot and you click before they double, just simply let them double before you click and then you may get a double right back at them without overclicking. Just take it calm and easy and you'll be fine.

Advanced Lag Tricks(stealing)
Well here is an advanced method of using this trick to your advantage. You perform the lag trick as normal. BUT now instead of changing the spell, you wait for your lag trick to hit your opponent. Now that it hits your opponent, lag trick off the lag trick so that you carry the lag trick. At this point its a good time to follow through and change to a different spell/attack. This can leave your opponent stunned and possibly you can triple them with this as well.

Spell Fails
This is the main reason a lot of people lose their pk match. Keep in mind fails always happen so always expect it. Keep in mind when your casting a spell, are you in the lead? If you are in the lead it is a bad idea to cast any spell in case you fail. Too many people cast debuffs while they are in the lead, DON'T!.... unless your just playing around.

Cheap Trick!
If you are greased, you can use lag tricks to help. Simply lag trick when you are greased and you CAN'T miss. Yes it's cheap, yes it works... only use it if you have to, or want to for that matter.

Melee attacks and spells all can miss, except Healing spells and spells that attack All Enemies, for example Nova or Tempest.

Going First
If you are going first in a pk match, do not cast a debuff, its simply not smart, chances are you will fail and lose because of it. Always attack as a first hit. If you go second, always try to screech and then hit them before they can rebuff, chances are good you can screech and hit for a good lead. If you fail the screech, don't worry, chances are they will rebuff and you'll still have the lead.

Hand Ratio/Spell Ratio
So many people think having 9.990 is awesome. Guess what!!! 9.000 is no different than 9.990!!! The reason there is a 9.990 is simply to rasie your skill high enough that it won't drop to level 8. So don't bother wasting your time raising it super high, its a waste of time on superstition.

I'm generally satisfied that this is a complete FAQ when combined with samsyn's FAQs. The most frequently asked questions can be found here, I just assume you've played for a few days!

This guide is for use to answer simple questions reguarding Well of Souls and credit belongs to samsyn for most of the information, while I added some of my own where he didn't comment. I'm making this FAQ to prove two things, the first is that I can actually have useful Well of Souls content on my site, the second is that Dan hasn't actually updated his own FAQs in ages. If you are having trouble connecting to servers, you're better off going to the Network Troubleshooter. If your question isn't answered here, you might want to check samsyn's Super FAQ.

Why can't I recieve skins?

If you NEVER get skins, check the setting of the option "Ask for new skins" in your FILE menu.

If you look in your WoS\SKINS folder, sort it by date you will see what skins you have gotten. If they all end with ".tmp" it means something went wrong before you completely received the skin (they left, you left, there was excessive UDP packet loss)

Here is how skin transfers work (as of A43):

1.) You enter a server
2.) You see a skin you don't have, if you have the "ASK" option turned on, you ask for it. (By you, I mean your copy of the game). Usually I put an asterisk after one of these skin names in the map list.
3.) If the other guy has the "SEND" option turned on, he starts sending it (unless the server is too busy - currently that means 28 people). Only when he starts sending it do you see that "receiving skin" message.
4.) It is accumulated in the file WoS\skins\skinName.bmp.tmp which gets longer with every packet
5.) If something interrupts the transfer like you leave, he leaves, or you drop some packets somewhere over the internet, the transfer stops and you are left with a partial ".bmp.tmp" file
6.) The next time you encounter the guy, the process repeats, only this time it picks up where it left off (unless he has edited the skin in the mean time).

Over time and repeated encounters, you should eventually get the skin. (and only then do you get the "got skin" message).

If there is a particular skin you really want right away, you can transfer it by any means you like. However it gets into the WoS\skins folder is ok, as far as the game is concerned.



* huge skins won't get transferred by the game. A reasonable skin size is 20K bytes or so.

* The folder "WoS\Skins" (or the filename in question) has been marked "read-only" This is most commonly reported by people who use CD-R to move skins back and forth between computers.

* You are behind a firewall which is blocking UDP traffic. As of version A52 you can specify a specific range of port numbers to be used in UDP transfers. Your firewall administrator may be able to work with you on this.

* You are behind a proxy (another computer which has the REAL Internet connection on it, which handles all requests on your behalf). This can lead to your computer not knowing its own address, making it difficult to tell other player's computers where to send stuff (and even if they knew, the proxy will probably reject their attempts to send it on to you).

What is a cheat code?

A cheat code is actually a legal code you can enter into Well of Souls that will allow you to do certain things to the game. Most cheat codes can be used by anyone without negative effect, like /asteroid will open the asteroid mini-game and /afk will make you appear afk. Other cheat codes only cheater characters can use, like /inn, which fully heals your character, and /stepper will open up a scene debugger (only useful to world developers and will only work in solo-mode).

Why would I want to be a cheater? Well, if you're not a world developer, you can still use things like /gimme and /inn to make playing most worlds very easy. A lot of the more recent worlds will not let you play as a cheater, but evergreen will. To become a cheater, first go to your Book of Options and uncheck "don't allow me to use cheat codes." Then go to solo mode and type in a cheater cheat code like /inn and ignore all the warning messages until you become a cheater. You can only become a cheater in solo-mode, and you CANNOT REMOVE YOUR CHEATER STATUS ONCE YOU HAVE GAINED IT. So don't do it on your favorite character!

Where are all the cheat codes? Well, MOST of them are here. I say most because it hasn't been updated in years and things have been shuffled around. The /bkgnd command is now a cheat command after the advent of wide scenes, and things like the /stepper are completely missing.

What's the disadvantage of being a cheater? Well, most people don't like the fact that you cheat, and will try to hurt you (you can use /inn and go "haha, you can't kill me"). Else, you can't hurt people unless they hit you first. Some servers have the rule "noCheat," which means you can't play on them. Other people have the Book of Option command checked that doesn't allow you to go into their camp if they are hosting a camp. Once again, some worlds will not allow you to play if you have become a cheater character. Other than that, go wild, evergreen is your playground!


Basically, you 'train' in the use of magical elements and physical 'hand' attacks (16 training categories total).

Training occurs whenever you use the skill in question, but can also be achieved by 'spending' PP (participation points) on one of the training screens.

As you train, you increase your level in that skill. This is done in a non-linear fashion which gives you a diminishing return. For example, it is harder to train from level 2 to level 3, than it was to train from level 1 to level 2.

And, it would require an infinite amount of PP to train from level 9 to level 10 (hence you can NEVER REACH level 10) For all practical purposes you can't really train any higher than 9.99 or so.

Now, what good is training anyway? First off, many spells and weapons require a minimum training level to be used. So, for example, to cast a level 3 water spell, you must have trained to at least level 3 in the water element skill.

The other advantage of training comes from "excess training" That is to say, training in excess of the minimum required for a particular weapon or spell.

This excess training makes your attack somewhat stronger. Although the actual amount may vary from one version release to the next, in A43 the effect is about 19 percent for each full excess level.

Hence a level 3 water spell would be about 19 percent more effective if you were trained to level 4 in the water skill (1 excess level).

With 2 excess levels, a spell would be improved by about 42% (you don't add the percentages, you multiply them.. so three excess levels would be 1.19 * 1.19 * 1.19 which would give about 68 percent, etc.)

The actual math is done with a base raised to a power, so it works with any excess training amount.

Note that it is impossible to get more than about one level of excess training for a level 9 spell. Hence low level weapons and spells are more easily improved with excess training. This keeps the low level spells interesting even after you have raised your character to the highest levels, without allowing the high level spells to become overly powerful, thus destabilizing the game.

Also note that training for hand levels makes next to no difference in the amount of damage you do. If it makes you feel better, you can raise your hand level, but there isn't much of a change. Read the next section for why you'd increase your hand level.


Careful examination of the HP and MP meters in the lower left will show a simple white bar beneath each.

This is the charge bar for physical attacks (HP) and magical attacks (MP). It discharges whenever you attack, and then slowly recharges back to maximum.

In general, if you wait for it to recharge before attacking again, your attack will be stronger as a result.

The actual means by which this is achieved ties in somewhat with the 'excess training' discussion above.

But the important thing to remember is that this effect is more impressive when you have LOW training to begin with. For example, if you are only trained to level 1 in water, and cast a level 1 water spell, it will be considerably improved by waiting for a recharge.

However, once you achieve level 9 or more training, you will be hard pressed to see the charge meter making much of a difference.


Full details can be found here.

You need to meet the minimum age (time played) requirement both for your Soul ID (what shows on the MAP player list) and your actual character (what shows in the Soul Diary).

It used to be that you could just leave the game running in solo mode, and walk away, to accumulate massive amounts of 'AFK Hours' (Away From Keyboard).

But as of A55, only your soul ID gets AFK hours credited to it, but your character ages only as you actively play.


If you are running the current version of WoS then all you need to do is be sure to backup the ENTIRE WOS DIRECTORY from the old machine and copy it to the new machine.

If you install and run a new copy of WoS on the new machine, it will get a new soul ID. And your old characters will appear to have been moved, and get marked (though new characters will be fine.)

Of course, if there is any chance you want to keep playing WoS on the old machine, you might want to go ahead and get a new soul number anyway (two machines with the same soul number can't play together)

At the risk of repeating this excessively. One solution for the mobi-centric player, is to donate $25 and get a GOLDEN SOUL ID. Then you can take your identity to new machines as needed. Details at

Also be sure to read the specific instructions at

What is the hunting skill?

Well, the higher your hunting skill...

* The more likely you are to start a fight every time you hunt.

* The less likely you are to be attacked while simply walking the map

* The more information will be available to you on the Monster Radar.


Normally, when walking the map you have no idea where the monsters are. But when you press your HUNT button, you turn on your monster radar.

Until your hunt skill reaches a certain level, you really don't see anything. But as your hunting skills get sharpened, you find that you can begin to sense nearby monsters.

At first, you can't completely pin-point their position, but as your skill increases further, you eventually see the center of their hunting ground.

Additional information is shown if you have fought the monster in question before. Otherwise all you know is that a monster is nearby.

By the time you reach hunting level ... 9 (I believe), you pretty much get what you had before (I mean the equivalent of "/monster") only you only see the information during the hunt itself.

So, the levels of hunting skill (without telling you the explicit numbers, since they might change), are:

- see nothing
- see a question mark
- see just the monster picture
- see the monster picture and name
- see the monster picture, name, and level
- see all that and the range circle.

The "/monster" command itself, in A57, is a cheat (marks your character as a cheater) unless you have a Golden Soul.

The monster, in addition to snapping its jaws from time to time, now slowly orbits its true position, with greater uncertainty if your hunt skill level is low.

The higher your hunt level, the further away you can detect monsters.

The Bad News:

The monster radar is a "demo feature" which means you get to use it until you have a certain number of *player hours* (not character hours) and then it stops working unless you have a Golden Soul.

Right now the demo hour limit is set to an insanely high value, so as to let current players have a 'taste' of it. But to be a meaningful sales tool, I will need to cut that down to a more realistic value in future releases.

I hope you will understand the reasons behind my making this choice. I'm not really evil, just hungry. And this is a 'plush' feature, not something you cannot live without.


When a monster battle completes, the total XP earned from all monsters destroyed is split between the remaining, living, human players.

But players do not get equal shares.

If your level 10 character fights alongside a level 100 player, you will get only 10% as much experience as s/he will for the same number of attacks.

The math is:

1.) Each time a human player, or pet, hits or casts a spell, a certain number of share points are created, equal to their level. For example, as a level 76er, I create 76 share points each time I attack (and this includes healing). Only the hitting of monsters generates share points.

2.) A common pool is maintained of all share points so far in this scene.

3.) At the end of the scene, the XP is distributed to the human players based on their own total share points divided by the total share points in the pool.

4.) Pets earn XP by the 'old rules' but their share points *do* dilute the reward for the human players.


Halos cost 1,000 Halo Points each, and are purchased via the "Halo Dialog" which you open by clicking on the "Karma Meter" while viewing your characters statistics.

Halo Points cost 1,000 PP each, meaning a Halo costs one MILLION PP.

Halos serve absolutely no purpose other than their intrinsic collectability. They are just a means to squander PP after you've gotten everything else PP can be spent on.

They are the answer to the question: "Hey, I have everything and I want something to mindlessly spend PP on to continue justifying my existence!"

They are just something to brag about, be jealous over, and mourn the loss of after your disk crashes without backing up your WoS\Save folder.

How can I lock a camp?

If you are a PKer, you can't lock your camp (other than in Macguyver Castle where all camps have the little lock icon). This behaviour might vary from world to world. If you are a non-PKer you can right-click on your own name on the STATS panel and select... um... lock party. This will both prevent people from joining your party, and latecomers from entering your scene.

Little known secrets of Evergreen

Missions - Missions are like quests, but, well, not. By collecting trophies you are able to earn rewards like GP or Exp. Points. By completing every mission, you earn the Soul Tome. To find missions, you have to go to the upper right corner of Macgyver Castle. There is a link called the Blue Cavern Tavern with some funky looking creatures singing off-key. You can accept new missions there.

Secret Passage - There is a secret path between the Gateway of Dreams and the sea north of it. Normally you need the Frog Boots or the Soul Boots to cross the water. If you go to where the Rune Ruins are on the Evergreen map and go to the north east until you hit the sea, you'll be able to travel around the land on top of the water! If you do go back north of the Gateway of Dreams and want to get back, you have to go the long way around to get back on land, so be careful! Usually level 100 PKers will be PKing here and might get mad at you for interfering. They could be PKing in the PK Arena if they wanted to spill your pain, though!

Mount SoV - SoV is Well of Soul's oldest guild (of which I AM a member). We have laid claim to a special rock inside Wyrm Cavern. This rock is not able to be climbed except for those who know the secret. I'm not going to spill the secret to you now, though. You'll have to find that out for yourself!

Secret Healer - There is a person in Goblin Rock who will revive you if you're dead. The price, you have to give him a piece of equipment he wants! If you die and don't want to walk all the way into the Rune Ruins, you could seek him out.

Dan's mocking of newbies - Ironic as it seems, Dan has a sense of humor that you would NEVER realize by doing the quests in Evergreen. It is in Goblin Rock and is named SmuGGlurz COvE. It's worth a laugh.

If you think I'm missing something, tell me so I can add it!

This was written by Ivy, so all thanks should go to her.

Quest 1 - Soul Brothers

This is the newbie quest. The ultimate in easy quests. Ok all you have to do is go to the Gateway of Dreams and listen to the Soul Brother. If you haven't already agreed to obey the Golden Rule you have to do that first, simply by answering "yes" when he asks. After he has finshed telling you about the meeting go south/down to MacGuyver Castle. Go to the well and you will automatically tell the soul brother about the meeting. Your reward is a whopping 1000 gp.

Quest 2 - Professor J

In MacGuyver Castle above the amulet store is a BOOKSHOP. Go to the bookshop and listen to the man, he'll tell you about Professor J. Leave MacGuyver Castle and go north/up to North Umbrage (it's the northern most town on the main map). Go to the building to the east/right of the entrance, it is Professor J's place...excited yet?? He'll ask you if you love books as he does, answer "yes" and listen to what he has to say. Return to the bookshop in MacGuyver Castle(you'll need 1000 gp) and purchase the book the same way you would buy equipment. Once you have the book return to Professor J in North Umbrage and it is complete. Your reward is the stun spell.

Quest 3 - The Dragon

In MacGuyver Castle head north/up to the top of the Castle and you will find the King in his throne room. He will ask you to kill the dragon. The Dragon is really just a Fire Wyrm, it is level 50 so if you can't kill a lvl 50 monster yet you'll just have to wait. Go to the cave south east of MacGuyver Castle, it is called the Wyrm Cavern (I can't really remember but it isn't important). The easy way to do this is to type /terrain (this will NOT mark you as a cheater). Now that you can see the terrain you can see the opening in the cliffs that wasn't there before...magical eh?? your way down to where the fire wyrm is in the bottom right of the map. He'll talk a little, then he'll leave and come back in a fight scene. When you beat him you'll get the scales you need (They won't show up in inventory so don't look). Exit the Wyrm Cavern and go back to the king in MacGuyver Castle...he's an ungrateful lil SoB. Go to the shoe store in MacGuyver Castle and a thief will steal the boots that are made for you. Go back to the Wyrm Cavern, this time go to the thieves hideout in the bottom left of the map. This battle is harder than the fire wyrm so make sure you're up for the challenge, it is about 4 lvl 50+ nature monsters. After you kill the Thieves the quest is over. Your reward is a pair of Fire Boots. Now you can walk all over Inferno.

Quest 4 - Gregors Quest

East of Wyrm Cavern and just at the top of the Lake on the main map is a cave. This is Gregors Cave. Enter the cave and Gregor will ask you if you are the saviour, answer "NO", he'll ask if you want to hear his tale, say yes. He gives you some story about a scroll. Leave and go South East till you come to a skull shaped place called Mouth of Satan. Enter it and this guy will ask you if you will attempt his riddles, say "yes". He asks a series of questions - these are so bloody simple and only require common sense, for that reason I'm not going to give the answers. If you get them wrong you deserve to die fighting the monsters that attack you. Ahhh what the heck for the incredibly stupid here are the answers (don't expect the questions to be word for word or in the right order).

1) Does your soul have a color? - "yes"
2) Do birds know why they sing? - "yes"
3) Does a mountain dance? - "no"
4) Is my favourite color green? - "yes"
5) Did you cheat? - "no"

Once you have answered all the questions correctly or defeated the monsters after getting the questions wrong the enchantment over the Pyramid/Library is lifted. Go to the Pyramid/Library and an old lady gives you the scroll. Return to Gregors Cave and he'll ask you if you're the saviour, answer "no" and the quest is complete. Your reward is the Soul Amulet.

Quest 5 - Goblins

Go North east of Gregors cave to a town called Hampton, there some guy will tell you about the goblins. Go east from here to the Goblins Camp, the goblins will blame you for the theft of an artifact. Go south and you'll find 3 trees on the edge of the water, this is the goblins hidden camp. Here you'll find out that a goblin stole the artifact. You'll have to fight a few goblins and goblin warriors and 2 goblin centurions which are lvl 80 so you'll need to be fairly high in levels to beat them. After you kill them, return to the Goblin Camp and the goblins give you your reward which is the Soul Helm.

Quest 6 - Dolphins

Go west of MacGuyver Castle to a town called Westin. Here you'll find a pond with Dolphins in it. Listen to them blab on and on then leave and go to the east of the main map, go south west of Satans Mouth and the Library along the coastline you will find another pond. A Flamingo named Torch will talk to you and ask if you want this, say "yes". Return to the dolphins in Westin and the dolphins will go on and on again. They give you some rubber boots and tell you that you need water boots and that the eels have them. Go South East from Westing till you get to a light house building, This is the Isle of Light. Go west in here to the eels. You fight them and get the water boots, there are 2 eels and 1 parasite to fight. Now go east on the main map into the Ocean where you will find Sea Grotto. Go south and talk to the king, then go north east and talk to the jailer. Return to the dolphins, heres another big fight. After you win they get arrested. Go back to Sea Grotto and talk to the king, he'll tell you that the dolphins are innocent. Go to the jailer and you'll have to fight him and other stuff...all pretty high level, quite a tedious battle if you only have "all spells". Once you beat him go back to the King and the quest is completed. Your reward is the Soul Horn.

Quest 7 - Quest for Fire

North East of the Gateway you will find two wolves. One is sick and they talk about some rubbish. Leave and go South West to Springwell. In Springwell go west to the a house. This is the Veterinarians house. He'll say he doesn't have any wolf medicine. Go back to the wolves and they will tell you about Inferno. Go South East to Inferno, then go go south and you will find some guy who wants to make fire. He'll tell you about needing a lens. Leave inferno and go North to the Mint. Listen to the guys in the Mint, they're lost. Leave and go back to the bookshop in MacGuyver Castle. The bookshop guy gives you a sample page to an it's the map. Go back to the Mint, you'll have to fight a lvl 55 spider. After the battle the guy gives you his monacle AKA lens. Go to Inferno and the guy will tell you that you need kindling. Go to Animal Kingdom, then go east in there till you find a beaver complaining about it's sore tooth. Leave and go back to the Vets place in Springwell, you'll have to fight a Harleking it's like lvl 60 or something. When you beat it the Vet will give you some powder for the beaver. Go back to the beaver and he'll give you some kindling. Now go back to the guy in Inferno and he'll show you how to make fire. Then go to the wolves and it's all done. Your reward is the Soul Bow.

Quest 8 - The Princes

Go north along the coastline from the Gateway and you'll find 2 princes argueing. Listen to them for awhile. Go to MacGuyver Castle, go up and before you reach the Throne room go right and then down to a building/The Treasury. In it there will be a guard. He'll tell you some stuff. Leave and go back to the Princes. Listen to them again for awhile. Then go back to MacGuyver Castle now this time go to the building to the right of the Treasury and you'll find a Goblin, you'll have to fight a few goblin monsters here. When you win stay in the scene, the goblin will come back out and talk a bit, then leave. Go back to the treasury and it is finished. Your reward is the soul armour.

Quest 9 - The Gladstone

Go South west of MacGuyver Castle to a place called Roundtree. In Roundtree go to a big building there called Fort Roundtree. The King and Queen will tell you some story about a with and the Gladstone. Leave Roundtree and head East to a place that is under and just before Animal Kingdom (yeah I know...not great directions). In here you'll find Miranda, she'll ask if Queen Jett sent you, say "yes", she'll tell you a story and then you'll have to fight a lot of little monsters. When you win she'll tell you where to go. Leave and head east. Go south of the Rune Ruins to a big tree. Here you will find the Gladstone, you'll also find a lvl 115 Giant Slobber. When you kill it the Gladstone is freed. Return to Fort Roundtree and the quest is finshed. Your reward is the Soul Sword.

Quest 10 - The Long Tedious Yet Important Quest

Before you start this quest you'll need to have the Frog Boots from Quest 6 and you'll need to have done Quest 9. Ok go to Springwell, when you get there go to the trees just to the west of the entrance. Not sure if you have to be wearing the frog boots or if you just need to have them but you might aswell put them on before you go in anyway. Inside a frog will tell you his sad little story blah blah blah. When he's done leave and go east to Animal Kingdom. Go north to you get to a big house. Listen to Glannon cry and moan, when he's finshed leave and go West and a little south to another house. Listen to these people then leave. Go North East till you see a castle surrounded by water. Use the Frog Boots and go on in. You tell the king about his son and he tells you that you need Elven Booties. Go back to Glannons place. Leave Animal Kingdom and go South to Port Shrimpee. In here go to the 1st building to the east. You'll cut the princess down with the Soul Blade and she'll tell you a story. Go back to Glannons and listen to everything when he's done go to Snorts to the west and when you're in there say "Glannons dead". He'll say you need proof. Go back to Glannons and listen to him ramble on again in his slow way and he'll give you the Elven Booties. Head back to Snorts place and he'll believe that Glannon is dead and unlock the gate. Go North West of here till you see a castle. Use your Elven Booties to get to it. Once inside listen to everything the witches say (they use a magic word SHAMBOLA) then kill the lvl 110 Wyrm. Once the witches have finished talking go back to Glannons place. Listen to them talk and leave when they are done, go back into Glannons and he'll say he's going to Snorts. When She's finished talking to you go to Snorts. Snort will be roaring and will say that a magic word "pickle" makes you roar loud. Leave and go back to Glannons. Listen to them talk and Leela(or whatever her name is) should send a token to Lyssa (the princess yo cut down). Leave and go back to the frog in Springwell. Use the magic word SHAMBOLA when you get the option, then use the magic word PICKLE when you get the option. After he has left go to the Gecko Castle in the top right of Animal Kingdom. Listen to them talk and he'll send you back to the witches. You'll have to fight another Wyrm and when it is dead the witches give you the Soul boots. Leave Animal Kingdom and go back to Princess Lyssa in Port Shrimpee, she'll talk a little and say she feels like she's something else. You'll get the option to say something again, say SHAMBOLA, she turns into a cat. Leave and go back to the Gecko Castle in Animal Kingdom and the king tells you his son left. Leave and go back to the Princess in Port Shrimpee and the quest is done. Your reward is the Soul Ring.

Quest 11 - PokeGod

Ok the 1st of the not really a quest, quests. You'll need a fairly strong pet before you do this. Just get a Goblin Catapult. Go to Westin and from there got to the bottom right hand corner of the map. The gate on the right takes you to the Pet Arena. Go to the top right of the map and thats the pokegods place. Your pet will need to fight a number of battles to earn badges 1-10 (I think). The higher the badge no. the harder the battle. The final badge has a lvl 125 Revenge and a lvl 100+ monster. The best thing to do is raise your Gob Cata's stats during the battles and to heal it when it needs it. It's more tedious than it is hard. Once the pet has won that final badge you get the Soul Shield. You also get to choose a Master Pet. These are just level 80 pets that you can't catch in the game. They are Fire, water, earth and air, simply need to say one of those to get the pet. I recommend Fire and Water but you can go back and do this over and over again to get them all.

Quest 12 - Challenging Battle.

This is the only really hard part of the game and it is the 2nd of the not really a quest, quests. You will need to be lvl 100 to do this, even then it is based entirely on luck (Whether the 5 Giant Dwarves cast/hit alot or just mess around). Smart people will take a pet or a friend in to do this one with them. After Killing the Sand Wyrm the SandMan will show up and he'll give you the Soul Fist.

This is a very basic guide for learning how to skin. If you are just looking for skins and not HOW to skin, then you are in the wrong place, go here. If this is your first time skinning, you should take a minute out and skim over Samsyn's skinning information. Skinning really isn't that complicated, but adds another degree to the game when you are able to play using the skin you designed.

How to skin for Well of Souls
Written By: Kione (additions by Hesacon)

1. Make completely sure that you have downloaded the skin forms. If you haven't Here.

From here on, you have three different ways to skin. Choose one of the following ways and continue down it's list. Each of them will require you to use Microsoft Paint, included in most windows systems. You will end up saving skins as .bmp files.

Way Number 1, Hand Drawn.

2c. You need to be thinking of what you want to make a skin of and use the tools you have available to make it.(This usually makes the worst skins, unless of course your artistically gifted.)

3c. Open the skin form you think is the right size and start drawing.

4c. Make a credit frame.

5c. Save the skin under the name you want in your Well of Souls Skins folder and your done!

Way Number 2, Sprite Sheets.

2b. You need a model of what you want or a "sprite sheet." You can get some sprite sheets Here.

3b. You open the sprite sheet with your picture editing program and copy the pictures you want onto the right-sized Skin form from step 1.

4b. Add details to the frames you want.

5b. Make a credits frame.

6b. See step 5c.

Way Number 3, MCM.

2a. You need to have Mugen Character Maker. You can get that Here.

3a. You need to get .sff items which are available on many different sites. Like Here. (google is also your friend for finding .sff files)

4a. Open the .sff files in Mugen and use Print Screen+Control+C To copy the frame you want, then crop the person/thing on the frame in your editor and copy it onto the Skin form.

5a. Add details from the .sff to make your skin better.

6a. Make a Credits Frame.

7a. See step 5c.

Freehand skinning tutorial
Written By: Oompy

Tips for skinning
Written By: Hesacon

Very often when you're making a skin, you're going to want to replace one color on your character with another. Using Microsoft Paint, a very simple way to do this is to select the color you want to replace as your forground color, and the one you want to replace it with as your background color. Click a color from your palette to make it your forground color, right click to make it your background color. Using the Eraser tool, right click and drag across areas you want to replace that one color, and the first color will become the second.

All skin frames are perfect squares (including shadow). The character area is 5/6 of the total height of the frame, the shadow is the bottom 1/6 of the frame. This is useful if you want to add a magic frame to a skin form.

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Guild Wars - When two or more guilds have differences or simply dislike one another they have the ability to declare war on each other. A guild war is a long term fight against each other with the goal of completely eliminating each other from the game completely or just to hear the other guild submit. In the long run, many battles will be fought and many members will surrender their arms or default to absolutely quitting the game. Allies are made in the process of war and many more enemies may be made. But in the end, the sacrifices are worth the pride and honor that the guild will receive when they can declare victory.

Roulette of Death - SoV's most infamous tradition. It starts with a group of knights led by a god or higher knight going onto a server. The leader for the roulette will choose a victim, and SoV will hunt that person mercilessly and kill them. After killing them, we let the victim pick a new victim. If they fail to pick someone, we kill them again. If they pick an SoV member, allied member, or friend, we kill them again. Once they pick an eligible candidate, we repeat the process again. If we don't like you, you become the victim and we kill you. Then we kill you again. Then we kill you again. After the knights have satisfied their taste for blood, all the SoV members will leave the server and the server will know we've been there.