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Useful Gaming Links
Site: Creator: Game:
Gunzfactor Citizen Gunz the Duel
Gunbound Guild League Shere Gunbound
Creedo's Gunbound Crap Creedo Gunbound

Music Tools
Tool: Creator:
Willow Software
n-Track Studio Flavio Antonioli

Graphics Tools
Tool: Creator:
Planetside Software
Blender Organization
Gimp The GIMP Team
Apophysis Apophysis

These Resources are free to download and use by Well of Souls world developers IF they give credit to the author for them. If you want something just for your world, email me at to request it.

They may ONLY be used in a Well of Souls world, and may not be used for any other purpose

Tool: Author:
Set of Scenes (1) Hesacon
Set of Scenes (2) Hesacon
Set of Scenes (3) Hesacon
Set of Skins Hesacon
Promotion Scenes Various
Promotion MIDI Various
Promotion Themes Various
Promotion Monster Skins Various
Promotion Maps Various
Scenes Little
Scenes Makarei

These following tools should help you develop your world in one way or another. If these links die, please let us know via our forums and I'll either find the url they moved to, or upload them myself.

If you think you found/made a useful tool, and its FREE, PM me on our forums with a link to the tool, who made the tool, and what its good for and I'll add it. Don't send me files, because I don't trust you :-P

Hold your cursor over a tool to read a discription.

Beta Tools
Tool: Creator:
Proxbeta v2.6
Terminal (beta) Flamelord

Scripting Tools
Tool: Creator:
Quest Blacksmith
Tempest's Quest Editor
How to make worlds
Flag Calculator Little

Below are a few Empyrion Empires for Arcadia. To add these Empires, you need to have Arcadia installed, and Empyrion downloaded. Extract these files into your ..\Arcadia folder to install them. If you already have Empyrion running, you'll need to re-enter the server/solo mode for the empires to appear. If you want to learn how to play these empires, check the Empyrion section of this site.

Arcadia - Empyrion Empires
Empire: Creator:
Zone Control - Again Abyaly
Siege Abyaly
Overlord Hesacon
Primary Hesacon

TurnAbout Directory:
TurnAbout Home Page
TurnAbout API
Lua Dictionary
TurnAbout Release/Development Notes
Monthly TurnAbout Programming Contest
Rocket Club Scripting Language Selected