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Dungeon Quest Walkthrough:
Written by: Hesacon

Dungeon Quest Walkthrough

Dungeon Stage 1 (Quest level 1, stage 1)

This is all small skeletons in an open area, spray or butterfly to your heart's desire.

Dungeon Stage 2 (Quest level 1, stage 2; Quest level 2, stage 1)

There is a wide hallway with stone pillars and a long staircase. Only small skeletons and mages appear on this level. Your best bet is to go down the long stairs, kill any mages down there, then go back up. Hunt mages first and then spray or butterfly the remaining skeletons. There will -always- (at least in the few dozen times I've done it) be something stuck at the bottom of the stairs to the left of your starting point. If there is 1 or 2 monsters you can't find, it's likely they're there.

Dungeon Stage 3 (Quest level 1, stage 3; Quest level 2, stage 2, Quest level 3, stage 1)

This is a long figure 8 cavern. I personally think this is the hardest quest level to solo, especially on Quest level 3, due to the number of mages. Once again only small skeletons and mages appear here (if you're fighting a boss, the bigger skeletons will appear). The whole map is a figure 8, travel in circles around either part of it and hit things on your way through.

Dungeon Stage 4 [The Stairs] (Quest level 1, stage 4; Quest level 2, stage 3; Quest level 3, stage 2, Quest level 4, stage 1)

The stairs, the bane of every newbie out there. It's actually not a hard level to solo and is easy enough as a group. This is the first map with a real "trick" to it. This stage has only mages and large skeletons on it. The trick is to utilize the ledge on the stairs and make circles around the landing between the top level and the level below it that runs parallel. This is one of the two levels in which grenades or rockets have any practical use. There is a glitch where monsters will get stuck on the landing your trying to circle, which makes them really easy prey as a group with a grenade, or picking them off with a machine gun or revs. Just keep circling until you've managed to kill them all, everything will eventually work its way up the map from the bottom. If you have a group, have 3 people stand at the stop of the stairs and spray, and one person circle and distract.

Dungeon Stage 5 [The Rocks] (Quest level 2, stage 4; Quest level 3, stage 3; Quest level 4, stage 2)

If the stairs didn't get you, this one might. This is the easiest level to slip up on. It has both large and small skeletons, as well as mages. It's really easy to go from full hp to dead if you're not careful. There are two tactics to tackling this level.

The first is needed if you're going to solo the level, but can also work as a group. One person goes out and does figure 8s around the rocks careful to avoid being cornered while everyone else waits at the start and kills anything that comes near. The reason only one person goes out is that it is really easy to have one person crash into another, and their monsters will swing at you from the back and, well, you're dead. One person can avoid that, but I wouldn't recommend an e-styler or novice k-styler try it.

The other tactic is to have someone hang next to the big rock using their sword, while the teammates all spray the monsters from the back wall. The monsters will all turn and run under the hanger, but the skeletons won't swing. Aim for the mages first as they will kill your hanger if you don't. Once mages are dead, spray the skeletons to death. If you move from the back wall to say get ammo... the whole thing breaks down, the skeletons will run after the people on the wall, at which point they are basically trapped and dead!

Dungeon Stage 6 [The Pillars] (Quest level 2, stage 5; Quest level 3, stage 4; Quest level 4, stage 3)

This stage is not that hard, but as a group be careful. Don't lead a group of monsters into a teammate trying to butterfly or do something else. This is called homicide, and homicide is wrong. This stage has small, large, and giant skeletons, as well as mages. The giant skeletons look like tiny Superions, and in fact drop the item you need to fight him. They have a 20% Large Skull drop rate. Contrary to popular rumor, shooting them in the head does not make them more likely to drop a skull, but they will die quicker as it drains more from their HP than their AP.

As for tactics, there really aren't any, dodge and weave between the pillars and aim for mages first. Afterwards you can always roll backwards, spray, get to the end, change direction, and repeat. Mages will hit you from across the map and will kill you if left alone.

Dungeon Stage 7 [The Bridge] (Quest level 3, stage 5; Quest level 4, stage 4)

This is by far the easiest stage to solo, and also the easiest stage to die if you have stupid teammates. This is the second of two stages where grenades and rockets are practical. There are large and giant skeletons, as well as mages and mini-Aneramons. Have ONE person cross the bridge. I can't begin to count the times that someone has followed me across the bridge and gotten me killed or nearly so. The trick is to dash/roll in circles around the far side of the bridge. Going in circles means nothing can really hit you, and I've flawlessed this level dozens of times. Kill the mini-Aneramons first, followed my mages. Once they're all dead, it's easy to roll and kill the rest of the skeletons. If you get slowed, dash, otherwise you can roll. If you roll while slowed, the skeletons will catch you and kill you.

Dungeon Stage 8 [The Cave] (Quest level 4, stage 5)

There really isn't any trick to this level and can be difficult to beat just because of the sheer cluster of monsters. This map has large skeletons, mages, and the mini-Aneramons. The map is two connected rooms, but it's easier to do figure 8s in the second room. If you've gotten this far, you should be able to figure out how to win as most dungeon tactics are the same. Go in circles, kill anything that casts spells, then kill the melee.

Dungeon Boss 1 [Superion The Tainted] (Quest level 2+: Large Skull + Skeleton Doll)

Superion is likely the first boss you'll encounter, and has a huge amount of hp. You fight him in the pillar room from Stage 6 and he has with him an army of small and large skeletons, as well as mages. Kill all the mages as soon as the fight begins. Their spray will cause un-needed damage. If you fight him as a group, you can all spray him individually or you can have one person butterfly him to stun him, keeping him in once place so the other three can get clean shots off. He will always move and is really easily distracted. By butterflying him, you allow your teammates to empty entire magazines on him. If your team isn't well organized, you're better off not chancing butterflying him if you're going to get no support fire. When you run out of ammo, you can take a turn butterflying Superion, or butterfly his minions for ammo drops. Monsters respawn, so mages will reappear if you kill too many enemies. When they do, just kill them again.

Dungeon Boss 2 [Aneramon The Wicked] (Quest level 3+: Mysterious Skull + Skeleton Doll)

Aneramon is probably the hardest boss just because of the map. You fight him in the bridge room from Stage 7 and he has with him an army of small, large, and giant skeletons, as well as mages and the miniature versions of himself. You will get slowed very often, making killing off his mage army a pain. Dash when slowed. Kill minions when you need ammo and keep behind him. From experience, this is usually a long battle. Play it like you would Stage 7 and only send one person across. Everyone else can sniper/spray/support fire from the starting point.

Dungeon Boss 3 [Lich] (Quest level 3+: Enormously Large Skull + Devil's Dictionary)

Lich is the hardest boss to get to, you need a rare drop from both Superion and Aneramon to get to him. That being said, he does give 20% extra exp/bounty per level and at the end.

You fight him on his own special level which is like half the pillar room with a huge shrine on the end. (actually, it's stage 9 of dungeon, the last stage of quest level 5) He has with him an army of large and giant skeletons, mini-aneramons, mages, and richies that just drop ammo 60% of the time but only have 40 hp. Circle the room and spray him while one person circles him to distract him. You can melee his tail, but I don't think that stuns him. Kill the mini-aneramons as they appear so you don't get slowed and kill the Richies when you need ammo. Watch out for his meteor attack, it'll look like he is throwing something and a meteor will come down from directly above, making it hard to see. Lich is probably easier than Superion.

Tips for Dungeon:
  • Don't get cornered.
  • Never massive, ever, it's an invitation to death.
  • On levels with a distracter, only let one person do it, more than one will screw up the pattern.
  • Travel in circles. Mages can't hit you and skeletons can't catch you if you move in circles. Some constricted levels require you to move in figure 8s, but it's the same concept.
  • Kill anything that casts spells as soon as possible. If you're red hp, it won't be the big-ass skeleton that kills you, it will be the mage.

Mansion Quest Walkthrough:
Written by: Hesacon

Mansion Quest Walkthrough

Mansion is the first quest released by ijji and the easiest quest to play as a team for novices.

Mansion is unlike the other quests in that the map you start on is random. However, the next map isn't random. By watching where the portal appears, it's easy to predict which map you'll end up on. If the portal appears on a door that would appear on the full map, what's on the other side of that door will be the next map. For example you're in the basement of garden, there are three portals that can appear. If it appears on a stairwell, you'll be brought upstairs in garden. If it appears in the center to the left, you'll be outside in garden, and if it appears on the wall where there is no door, you'll probably end up on a mansion map.

As for actually playing mansion, there are 9 maps, though there are more maps from garden than from mansion. Any map can appear in any difficulty, but enemies that drop the item for goblin king doesn't appear until quest level 3 (25+) and isn't common until quest level 4 (41+). Quest level 3 and under can very easily be beaten with only a sword, but the shamans in level 4 make a gun handy. Most mobs can just be butterflied either by circle of death or I prefer seesaw.

If you're playing as a team, it's probably best to break up since all maps are big enough to allow you to get far apart from your teammates. Don't run by your teammates with a mob in tow, especially if they aren't looking towards you. If they don't see the mob, a mage is bound to massive them while the rest of them kill them. And it's not nice to get your teammates killed. Instead, travel in circles, the monsters won't catch you and you'll always have a clean shot on the monsters and you stay in the same general area away from your teammates.

If you're doing mansion 41, realize that it's harder to solo than dungeon 41, but as a team it's easier. The last two stages have goblin shamans on them, which have a 20% drop rate for crimson necklaces. They are probably the hardest mini bosses short of prison quest, and are able to slow you for 7 seconds (dungeon will only slow you for 3 seconds). Mages are able to stun you, and being slowed sets you up very well to being stunned. If you get slowed, dash. Tumbling or walking will get you killed. Kill the goblin shamans as soon as they appear.

Mansion Boss 1 [Goblin King] (Quest level 3+: Crimson Necklace + Goblin Skull)

Goblin King is by far the easiest boss. You fight him on the Hall map. He is slow moving and his attacks are slow. He is also the only boss that doesn't have stages you have to clear leading up to him. Just dodge his attacks and spray him. While Goblin King himself isn't particularly difficult, he does occasionally spawn goblin shamans which as I discussed earlier are a real pain. Concentrate your fire on them when they appear. Mages can also stun you, giving Goblin King a chance to actually hit you, but don't bother wasting energy killing them unless you're low on ammo or health.

Prison Quest Walkthrough:
Written by: Hesacon

Prison Quest Walkthrough

Prison is the third and hardest quest released by ijji.

In this guide I am going to assume you're level 41+. If you're not, don't even bother playing prison, you're not going to get any boss items. The Lizard Generals only appear in quest level 4 and 5 (though it is generally accepted that prison 65+ is impossible to beat). If you've made it to level 41, you've probably played the other two quests, so I won't bore you with specifics on how to beat every level except the two that matter.

Prison Stage 3:

This is the easier of the two levels where the Lizard Generals appear, but I've seen people die here. It's a long maintenance passage with a mess hall attached. Your best bet as a team is to split up and send one person to the mess hall, one person to the far end, one to the middle, and keep someone at the start. The Lizard Generals have one difficult feature: their breath. It stuns you and has a very wide range about equal to their height above them and their body width to each side. Once they start breathing, it's too late to pass them, back off and wait for it to subside or you will be caught.

Prison Stage 4:

You will die here, a lot. This stage is a long tan curved sewer and is very narrow. A bunch of Lizard Generals spawn here, and their breath goes the width of the stage and the entire height, you can't get over it. Kill them as soon as possible. This stage is very tricky for a team, as you all have to split up and avoid killing one another. While you're running away, monsters that were following you suddenly find themselves closer to your teammate and go towards them. You have to play like a team here, one weak link in the chain can get you all killed. If someone is stuck at either end of the map and big guys are going towards them, get their attention and pull them away so your partner can escape. Monsters take the shortest path towards whoever is closest to them. Stay to the inside wall except if you need to pass, this will make all the monsters go to the inside wall and allow you to pass to the outside. Alternatively, you can try to wall slash and keep above the enemies, but it's slower and the Lizard Generals can reach you with their attack. Mages are the hidden threat here, since there is a lot of them and one of their attacks is very hard to see (they throw nails). They will take a toll on your health. Keep in mind when the Lizard General starts to breath, it's too late to pass them.

Prison Boss 1 [Kobold King] (Quest level 4+: Platinum Earring + Gold Earring)

Kobold King (or whatever ijji calls him) is a fairly easy boss considering how difficult getting his items are. He spawns on the 4th map from Prison 41+, but luckily only the smallest lizards spawn with him. Someone should lock him in the middle while everyone else shoots him from either side. Just butterfly the small enemies for extremely easy ammo drops. If for some reason the person locking him dies, someone else can take over, or he is really easy to just pass and shoot. He doesn't move too fast and the other lizards are short. Just follow the same tactic you did on normal quest. When shooting him, aim for his crotch and not his chest/head. For some reason those shots tend to miss him. Be careful about his breath attack, it can kill you from full health if it hits you full force, but it doesn't stun you. That attack is the only reason Kobold King isn't easier than Goblin King.

Prison Boss 2 [Broken Golem] (Quest level 4+: High-Class Gear + Kobold Doll)

Broken Golem is supposed to be the hardest boss you can fight, but I find him easier than Superion. He is really more of a mech than a stone. He appears on the first stage from quest level 4 and once in a while will spawn a few Lizard Generals, but that isn't common. Kill them as soon as they appear and have someone lock the boss. The enemies aren't hard to butterfly, making ammo drops very easy to come by. If for some reason you don't lock him or the person locking him dies, he does have some nasty attacks that can do a lot of damage to your whole team at once. I don't recommend not locking him or he becomes harder than Superion.

Quest Weapons Guide:
Written by: Hesacon

Recommended Guns:

Machine Gun - The best weapon you're going to find for quest. While it is rarely seen out of the sprayer deathmatch for match games, it finds a nice home in quest. 120 rounds per clip and 2 clips. Picking up an ammo drop will completely refill 120 shots for the machine gun. While it is very inaccurate at any real range, it is fine for fending off mobs and you'll never need to reload. Personally I recommend never reloading. I always keep a fresh 120 round clip unused in case all my teammates die, since ammo drops can be scarce when you really need them. Use your first clip and just pick up a drop when you see it or switch to your second weapon/melee when you run out of ammo unless you absolutely have to.

Rifle - The most accurate weapon you'll find, fastest too. It's lighter than a machine gun, making it more portable as a secondary weapon. The problem is you have to reload it and you only have 40 shots to a clip. At lower levels you may have to rely on it. As for a second weapon behind a machine gun, this is a great way to go.

Revolvers - Also accurate, and powerful. They cut through HP between 70% and 90% directly to HP, ignoring armor. You can kill any of the lower monsters like goblins or mages in two hits if you HIT. Hyshka and I tested dual-revolvers on Superion, and while it took the two of us a long time to beat Superion (low ammo count), we did kill him when he had 1/4 of his health bar left. He had a lot of AP left when we killed him, but the revolvers went straight to work on his HP. These are the most common weapons to be used dual. Dual-Revolvers + reload shot will end most mobs chasing you quickly. Their limit clip size means you can't afford to miss, and they are slow so you need to dodge while you fire. Once you go back to match games after using revolvers in quest extensively, you'll notice your aim has significantly improved.

Mediocre Guns:

Sub-Machine Guns - Like a machine gun, only with lower clip size. They are faster than a machine gun and often more damaging, but you'll need to reload often and can't take advantage of ammo drops as easily. They are also wildly inaccurate mid range and up.

Pistols - Accurate and fast, but low clip size and damage doesn't make me a fan of them. You'll run out of bullets faster with these guns than any other weapons, which when there are still half the monsters left alive isn't a particularly useful thing.

Rockets - These serve one real purpose that can be easily accomplished by a well placed grenade. Rockets are only good against mobs. 50 damage on one monster is pointless due to the rocket's low clip size and ammo count. However, if you have the job of distracting large groups, rockets become useful. Hitting 12 monsters for 50 damage is worth it. I still wouldn't recommend losing any armor over carrying one of these and not using one unless your job is to distract.

Abysmal Gun:

Shotgun - The only abysmal weapon to use in quest. Low ammo, inaccurate at range, and dealing most damage to armor means it'll take between two and three point-blanks to kill a monster, even using higher level shotguns. While shotguns are wonderful for taking on one opponent in a match game for very high damage, against 38 or 44 monsters you'll run out of ammo before it makes any difference.

Melee Weapons:

You have two choices, dagger or sword (kodachis are lumped in there but discouraged due to weight). Daggers are much lighter, but you can't block or butterfly, making fighting large groups harder. However, bosses like superion can be stunned when hit with a melee weapon. Since a dagger doesn't have an extended animation like a sword, it's quicker and easier. Staying on the ground makes you able to be hit by other monsters, but if you miss a step on your butterfly you can be hit just as hard.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Written by: Hesacon

Q: How do I do higher level quests?
A: Quest is broken up into 6 levels, level 0 (levels 1-4), level 1 (levels 5+), level 2 (levels 13+), level 3 (levels 25+), level 4 (levels 41+), and level 5 (levels 65+). In order to do quest levels 2, 3, and 4, you have to buy torn pages from the shop for bounty. To do quest level 5, you have to find torn page 65 drops by killing bosses.

Q: Does shooting the big guy in the head/killing him with only melee/etc. gives you a large skull?
A: It makes no difference how you kill a monster, it will not affect the drop, it's 20% no matter what.

Q: But then why do I always get a large skull when I shot him in the head?
A: It just so happens that the 20% chance of getting the item actually happens when you were shooting him in the head. It wasn't because you were shooting him in the head, it was dumb luck.

Q: I swear it works.
A: You're stupid.

Q: How do I get boss items?
A: You can get boss items starting on page 13+ dungeon, page 25+ mansion, or page 41+ prison.

Q: What are the boss combos?
A: Goblin King: crimson necklace + goblin skull
Superion: Large skull + skeleton doll
Aneramon: Mysterious skull + skeleton doll
Lich: Enormously Huge Skull + Devil's Dictionary
Giant Lizardman: Platinum Earring + Gold Earring
Broken Golem: High-Class Gear + Kobold Doll

Q: How do I beat a boss?
A: Ctrl + F this page and look for the boss.

Q: How do you lock a boss? I can't do it.
A: Bosses get stunned when hit with a melee weapon, so long as you keep hitting them with a melee and moving, you can lock them. Either a sword or a dagger will work. With sword, you need to cancel the slash with block either by butterfly or going slash-->slash-->block. Just look at these pro youtube videos from Retardz/Rambo Clan:

Dagger: http://youtube.com/watch?v=SM1l_6S6qRk
Sword: http://youtube.com/watch?v=bV4dmaM8lTY

Q: Do I need to hack to beat a boss?
A: Watch the above videos for your answer.

Q: OMG someone ran away without using a boss item!
A: That's not a question, but get over it. Boss items are common. If you really want to boss that bad, come quest with -SoV-.

Q: I spray and tumble but I keep dying, why is that?
A: Well, you're probably playing quest because the big bad k-stylers kicked your ass in match games. Guess what, k-style is applicable to quest mode, too. You should learn it. Use your melee to move, don't use tumble to move.

Q: What does raw meat/small skull/iron earring/etc. do?
A: They are for show or sell, think of them as crappy treasure. I listed the boss combos earlier in this FAQ, if the item isn't listed for any of the boss combos, it's worthless and you can sell it.

Q: I go Superion's/Aneramon's/etc. Sword, why can't I equip it!?
A: It's not an equippable item, unless you're talking about the Demon Bringer.

Q: So then what do I do with Superion's Sword?
A: You can sell it or keep it to show it off, but it's not useful for any other boss.

Q: What should I kill first?
A: If it casts spells, kill it FIRST. If it can hit you at range, kill it SECOND. Anything else you can leave until the end to kill, since they can't really harm you unless you stop moving.

Q: I keep dying, what should I do?
A: Keep playing, always move, and learn the quest equivalent of K-Style.

Q: How do I K-Style?
A: There are dozens of K-Style guides on ijji, gunzfactor, and google. There is also one on the SoV site here: SoV's K-Style Guide - by Kione and Cloudsvii. You might also benefit from reading the Gladiator Guide.

Q: Wow, all this is impressive, how can I join SoV?
A: You can join SoV by reading the instructions here.

K-Style Moves Guide:
Written by: Cloudsvii

Butterfly(bf): Jump-Dash-Slash-Block
Double Butterfly(dbf): Jump-Slash-Block-Dash-Slash-Block
Dan Step: Jump-Slash-Block-Slash-Block
Note: Used for turtles.
Triple Butterfly(tbf): Jump-Slash-Block-Slash-Block-Slash-Block
Note: The timing on this is precise and if not done correctly will just make you block three times.

Slash Shot(ss): Jump-Dash-Slash(hold)-Switch-(shoot)
Note: By holding slash it should shoot on its own for you.
Slash Shot (2)(ss (2)): Jump-Slash(hold)-Switch-Shoot-Dash
Half Step(hs): Jump-Dash-Slash(hold)-Switch-Dash-(shoot)
Half Half Step(hhs): Jump-Dash-Slash(hold)-Switch-Jump-Dash-(shoot)
Reload Slash Shot(rss): Jump-Dash-Slash(hold)-Switch-(shoot)-Reload
Reload Half Step(rhs): Jump-Dash-Slash(hold)-Switch-Dash-(shoot)-Reload
Reload Half Half Step(rhhs): Jump-Dash-Slash(hold)-Switch-Jump-Dash-(shoot)-Reload
Quick Shot(qs): Shoot-Switch-Shoot
Reload shot(rs): Shoot-Reload-Switch-Shoot
Forbiddon Step(fbs): Jump-Slash(hold)-Switch-(shoot)-Reload-Switch(to sword)-Dash-Slash(hold)-Switch-Dash-(shoot)
Wind Step: Jump-Dash-Slash-Switch to Gun-Switch to Sword-Jump-Dash-Slash-Switch to gun-Jump(optional)-Dash

Light Step: Jump-Slash-Dash
Silent Step: Jump-Slash-Switch-Dash
Flash Step: Jump-Dash-Slash-Switch
Multi Wall Run(mwr): Double Tap space on a wall at about a 45 degree angle.

Insta Fall: Flip-Block-Jump-Slash-Block
Insta Juggle: Flip-Block-Jump-Slash-Block-Slash-Block-Jump-(Move forward a little)-Slash-Block-Slash-Block-Etc.
Insta Kill: Flip-Block-Jump-Slash-Switch-Shoot-Reload-Shoot
Insta Kill (2): Flip-Block-Jump-Slash-Block-Slash-Block-Jump-Slash-Switch-Shoot-Reload-Shoot
Note: There are many variations to insta kill. Those two are for double shotguns.
Insta Kill (With Spray): Flip-Aim under the opponent and hold shoot down.
Note: This only works when they don't safe fall.

K-Style Applications Guide:
Written by: Kione

Table of Contents
1.1 - Guide Explanation
2.1 - What you need to know
3.1 - Applications
3.1.1 - Introduction
3.1.2 - Aiming
3.1.3 - Leading
3.1.4 - Moving
4.1 - Strategy
4.1.1 - Moves and Combos
4.1.2 - Reloading and Gun Techniques
5.1 - Swords and Massives
5.1.1 - Sword Moves and Combos
5.1.2 - Massive Techniques
6.1 - Conclusion

Guide Explanation
This is a basic K-Style applications guide. This guide was deisgned to show people some basic to moderately advanced moves, strategies, etc, and how to use them. This guide will help you learn how to use some of those techniques you've taken hours to learn and master.

What you need to know
There are a few key moves you should know before trying these combos and strategies;
- Slash Shot
- Half Step
- Flash Step
- Advanced Wall Climbing
- Swap Shot/Reload Shot


This part of the guide is to teach you how to string together moves to create an effective style of your own, using different moves and techniques to put yourself on top.

Aiming is often one of the most difficult things to get down in GunZ. However there are some custom crosshairs that you can use to greatly improve your aiming ability, and make all those shots count. GunZFactor has a whole section dedicated to custom crosshairs, which can be found here.

Leading is somewhat complicated, but essential to a good GunZ player. Leading is shooting where a player is predicted to move, because of their ping. Even pings as low as 40-50 require you to lead shot to hit correctly. From a 40-50 ping, where you'll need to shoot 1/2 a body in front of the person, to a 150-200 ping where you'll need to often times shoot 2-3 bodies in front of the person, is it essential. There is no trick to leading, the only way to become good at leading is practice.

Moving is, without a doubt, THE most important thing on GunZ. The best way to not get hit, of course, is to MOVE! Now moving up is simple, you just have to advanced wall climb up the wall, to get out of range, which can also be used in a combo to do damage to the opponent. Or you can run away, using flash step across the wall, which can be useful for running to reload or med. The faster you can manuever, the more damage you can do, if you move faster enough, you can find yourself at your opponents back often, landing big damage with your weapons.

Ah Strategy, the foundation of being a successful GunZ player is nothing other than having a solid fighting strategy, these strategies may alter for different situations, such as 2v1, Deathmatches, Quest, etc, but are ALWAYS important.

Moves and Combos
Some important moves you need are listed above, but the most effective ways to use them are up to you. I can't tell you the perfect move combinations to always win, because that is just not possible, however, some good combinations, of course, are instafalls, instafall juggles, and instakills. By combining instafall with slash combinations, slash shot, reload shot, or even grenades can result in a very successful and damaging blow to the opponents HP and AP. Another combination is that of swords, a combination of slashes, blocks, cancels, and flips, can always be deadly. If you can land a key block, and then a massive, you will gain a huge advantage in a fight.

Reloading and Gun Techniques
Effective reloading is something that needs to be practiced and repeated in order to optimize your chances of winning a fight. As you may know, reloading in the open is a HORRIBLE idea, but sometimes inevitable. One key thing to reloading, is to NEVER stop moving, this makes you an easy target, and increases the possible damage that can be done to you. It's a good idea to always keep 1 bullet in each gun while reloading, just in case your opponent decides to charge you, in which can you can retaliate, and in some cases, deal a good bit of damage, and in others, scare them off long enough to reload fully.

Swords and Massives
Melee is the base of any style you will use, considering the fact that if you can't defend yourself up close, your opponent can easily eat you alive, every round you fight them. Also, if you get well timed massives down, you can deal loads of damage to the opposing player.

Sword Moves and Combos
Of course sword moves include things everyone knows, butterfly, double butterly, turtle, etc. But this is NOT all you need to know about the moves. You need to know when to switch back and forth between the 3 key manuevers, listed at the beginning. Getting your timing down will allow you to do maximum damage to your opponent, while taking the least in return. For example, if you see someone turtling, and you run up and butterfly, chances are that you will get caught. However, with a proper Double Butterfly, you can avoid their massive, and land a hit on them, in one move. Also, good timed turtles can leave your opponent in a rough position, with you having a massive, and them recoiling.

Massive Techniques
Skybreak, skyblock, ground block, ground break, 180 massive, 45 degree massive, these are just some of the different and unique massives/blocks that you can learn. Mastering these massives and blocks, along with quick reaction times, and the knowledge of when to use each seperate move, will put you a step above your opponent, and give you the edge. Each move has it's pair, Ground break vs. Ground block, Skybreak vs. Skyblock, 180 Massive vs. Normal block. These will all come in handy, when the time comes to use these in battle, and get the edge on your opponent. A proper massive with leave you opponent wish heavy damage, from whatever you can sneak in, from shots from your gun, to an instafall combo, to each his own.

I hope this tutorial was helpful to you, and don't forget that not everything can be done in one try, things take practice. Every pro you see doing these techniques and strategies has put hours of time behind them to strengthen them, so don't be discouraged if you can't do these on the first try, just keep trying, and you'll get the down eventually. This Guide was written by Kione, for the Swords of Villanousity clan, if you're looking for a clan, why not petition to SoV today? Just take a look at our forums, the link is on the left-hand side of your screen. Thanks for reading!

D-Style Guide:
Written by: Cysote
Original guide: here
used with permission

I. Introduction

A. Legal
B. Why use a dagger?
C. The differences between dStyle and K-style
D. How dStyle works
E. Key configuration
F. Weapons
G. Terminology
II. Beginner

A. Intro

i. Moving/Looking -Basic Abilities
ii. Dashing/Tumbling

iii. Walls
1. Wall Running
2. Wall Jumping

iv. Stab
1. Circle
2. Corner

v. Lunge
vi. Massive
vii. Wall canceling
III. Advanced

A. Intro

i. Dagger Hop -Advanced Movement Techs
ii. Dagger Flash
iii. Dagger Train
iv. JSD -Gun moves
v. JSF
vi. Stab-Shot

vii. Yo-Yo Hop
1. Walled Yo-Yos

viii. Space Invading
ix. Wall Raid -Misc Moves
x. Gravity Shift
xi. Quick Stick
xii. Double-Stab
xiii. Extended Lunge

ixv. Massives -Sword Exploitations
1. Block tapping
2. Ghost Evading
IV. Expert

A. Intro

i. Dagger Machine -Expert Skills
ii. Instafall
iii. Dagger Gatling
iv. Dagger Juggle
v. Dropping Juggle
vi. Phantoming
vii. Dagger Medley
V. The Tri-Attributes

A. Intro

i. Luck
ii. Skill
iii. Knowledge
VI. Items

A. Intro

i. Grenades
ii. Meds
VII. Accuracy

A. Intro

i. Aiming
ii. Guns
VIII. Strategies

A. Intro

i. Hit and Run
ii. Reload
iii. CQC
IX. Influence

A. Into

i. You and your enemy
X. Conclusion

A. Your own style
XI. Resources
XII. Thanks

I. Introduction

If you want to find something really fast in this guide, simply use the Ctrl F command and type in any of the headings just as you see them in the table of contents. I highly recommend reading through the guide from beginning to end, even if you are an experienced dStyler. Make sure you master every move as you come to it before moving onto the next one. In the moves you may notice that the ďcomboĒ to complete the moves at the bottom of their section may have a step in SINGLE parenthesis. That only means that this part of the move is optional. A Double Parenthesis will have the word ďRepeatĒ in it, which is self explanatory.
A. Legal

I donít own Gunz, ijji has all rights to the game. I donít own any of these techniques either, except for Gravity Shifting, Dagger Medley, Stab-Shot, and Double-Stab. All others were taken from other people which I met in game, or other dagger guides Iíve seen and have been complied into a new guide with new ways of explaining and presenting the same information. The only thing I do own is all the ideas in this guide, for I have taken all my experience from my full non-stop 2 years of playing Gunz and formed them into strategies and tactics which I now present to you in this guide. Everything in this guide was written by me. Altering this document in any way is against permission and violates intellectual property rights set-up by the government. Any website has permission to hold and dispaly this document so long as it stays intact, credit is given to me, and a linkback to this original document is provided.
B. Why use a Dagger?

Daggers are fun. They are also much different and require more training and studying than a sword does. People these days seem to be very into the ďI am more skilled than you areĒ ego trip thing, and because a dagger takes quite a lot of skill to use, you can say proudly that you thoroughly owned a person when you defeat them with a dagger. That being said I must still warn you again about the learning curve of daggers. Donít expect to be God after a week. It took me 4 months before I could even contend with an average K-styler in battle.
C. The Differences Between dStyle and K-style.

D-style is the art of speed and exploitation. The dagger has much more raw speed than the sword does and so it can attack faster, change directions quicker, and is more useful for evasion. Because the dagger doesnít have much power behind it, it relies more on exploiting the weaknesses of the sword. Instead of fighting fire with fire, you are now fighting fire with water. The more skill thatís involved with this style is also home to some bragging rights if you start dominating with it.

A big downfall after changing from sword to dagger is that you canít block, so you MUST evade. If you are fighting someone with highly refined accuracy then you canít stay out in the open because you will just get slaughtered. Another disadvantage is that there is no smooth transition between animations. With a slashshot you can slice someone at almost the same time you shoot them. To stab someone and shoot them, you have to completely finish the stabbing animation before you can switch to shoot.

A few other things that make the dagger different is that there is just a little less time to hit spacebar to save yourself after a right-click hits you. The dagger lunge also does damage, unlike the sword one. While in the lunge, there are also times where you have invincibility. Girl characters have this invincibility longer than guys do. Contrary to popular belief, the dagger stab has the same length of an attack range as the sword slice does. You also canít just randomly generate a massive, you must charge one up.
D. How dStyle Works

Gunz is almost completely client based, meaning that each personís own game computes what happens in the game to their character. What you do with your character to another character may be different on your screen than on your opponents screen---simply because the different computers are saying two different things. Ever tried to kill a lagger? Pretty annoying right? When you shoot directly at where you see them, it seems like nothing happens. This is because of the different views of both computers. Let me explain: One computer (your computer) is getting the information from the opponents computer on where they are. That is where you see them, but this is the problem: the image you see of your opponent isnít where their computer says they really are because of the lag time it takes for the information to travel from Computer to Computer. When you shoot at that image that you see on your computer, your computer says you hit them, but your opponentís computer says they didnít get hitÖbecause their computer says they arenít really at that spot. See the problem? Conflicting views from both computers.

This may seem like a big problem, but it is the cornerstone of dStyle. If you can control this difference in opinion from the computers then you have a big advantage over the person you are fighting. Getting your computer to say that you stabbed with your dagger but missed the other personÖand getting the other personís computer to say that their block just got stabbed is a key difference between dStyle and K-style and is one of the only reasons why dStyle stays alive.

dStyle is also a game of speed. The daggerís stabbing animation is very short and allows you to chain many different dashes together. Getting around faster means being able to catch fleeing opponents, avoid attacks, and confuse enemies to win fights. To really put up a good fight against someone, get faster transitions between guns, faster motions of skills, and start thinking faster. No one can win against what they canít follow and no one can fight back if theyíre already dead.
E. Key Configuration

The set-up I use for Gunz is:

Q: Dagger
E: First Weapon
F: Second Weapon
Z+X: First and second items

With all other keys being the normal set-up. I use this pattern because in only one motion of any of my fingers, I have can have any movement or change I want to happen to my character covered. I donít need to travel over more than one key in order to do what I want to do. Iím not saying that this is the magic bullet that will make you win every time, but it is what works best for me. If you want to try this set of keys out, great! If you are doing good with whatever set-up you have, thatís fine too. Get the configuration that you work best with. The only thing I really recommend all players doing is to change the buttons that they normally use to switch weapons with from ďCycle WeaponsĒ to ďSwitch WeaponsĒ. Cycle weapons is really slow and Switch weapons is much faster. You can change the key configuration under the options menu in game.
F. Weapons

This weapons section has the same message as the key config section. Use whatís best for you. What Iím giving you is only what I work best with. Iím not saying that you should always use the same weapons all the time though either. Sometimes Iíll play the ninja and go all out with Dual Shotguns. Iíll hide in the corner and wait for people to come and then pop out and surprise them with 400 pounds of damage in a few shots. Other times Iíll go with two sets of Revs and be the sniper. Iíll be out in the open and launch rounds at 40 damage a shot towards them, at a distance where they canít effectively fight back. Or maybe Iíll mix both of them, doing a sniper with one set of revsÖrunning once the enemy gets closeÖand then pop out with a shotgun as they chase. Find a good set of weapons that you know how to use effectively, but donít forget to change it up every once in a while to get a feel for how other weapons work. The weapons that most of my moves and techniques are based around are single shot weapons like the Shotgun, Revolvers, and Rockets.

G. Terminology

This section is simply for people who are new to the game and covers only the terms I use in this guide.

dStyle: Short for Dagger-Style. Style based around the dagger

K-Style: Short for Korean-Style. Style based around the sword

Massive: A charged up melee power attack that is performed by clicking and holding the left mouse button.

Butterfly: A K-style move that allows someone to slash and block with a sword at the same time. The key combination is Jump--Dash--Slash--Block.

SlashShot: A basic K-style move that allows for quick evasive maneuvers before firing a gun and allows a person to switch to a gun faster than normal. The steps are Jump--Dash--Slash--Switch--Shoot.

Half-Step: The core fighting Technique for K-style. It is a way to dash around with a gun fast and shoot. It is a step-up from SlashShot. The steps are Jump--Dash--Slash--Switch--Dash--Shoot.

Fartlek: A Swedish term for ďSpeed PlayĒ.

Gear tap: In K-style, when you switch around the dash and the jump for certain moves like Half-Step.

Turtler: A sword user who constantly blocks.

Streaming: The second fastest way to unload single shot weapons at an enemy. Shoot--Switch--Shoot.

II. Beginner
A. Intro

Alright, so now itís time to get into how to work with a dagger. Even if youíve already been working with a dagger for quite some time or youíve been playing Gunz for a while and know how the game works, youíre gonna want to read through the easy stuff anyway. You might learn something you havenít before. Even if you are simply starting your career in Gunz, donít worry because I have everything covered in this section. Here are the basics of the basics:
i. Moving/Looking - Basic Abilities

The keys W, A, S, and D move your character around with a lightly sounding walk while the mouse is used to make your character look around. Moving with a walk gives you plenty of control on the direction of where youíre going, but isnít very fast. Looking around on the other hand isÖwellÖvery handy. Always look around for people. Look behind you, look around corners, look up when an enemy gets airborne, look down when you are in the skyÖlook everywhere. Knowing where the enemy is helps you to not get killed.

W or A or S or D to move. Mouse to look
ii. Dashing/Tumbling

Dashing and Tumbling are ways to move a bit faster than regular walking, though both are quite different. Double-tapping any normal direction will execute a dash or a tumble. While holding a gun you will tumble the direction that you tapped in. Tumbling adds more evasion than regular walking, but you must wait for the entire animation of the tumble to finish before you can walk or tumble again. Unless you end your tumble behind a wall or another object, you could become prey to a faster moving opponent who knows where they should aim to hit you before you finish. You may also shoot and reload while tumbling. One very good prop for tumbling is that it is totally silent, so no one can hear you while you tumble.

Dashing is only done while holding a melee weapon and is very fast. Once you double tap a direction you will accelerate quickly in that direction for a short period of time. This is an ideal way to get around any map fast and to avoid shots from the enemy. A downfall is that you have to be holding your dagger to do it, so you canít fight back at someone thatís at medium to far range. Dashes can also be chained very easily. Right before the first dash ends, dash again and you will be able to keep your momentum and speed and be able to change directions fast. Contrary to tumbling, the dash is quite loud and enemies can hear it if you are close.

Double tap W, A, S, or D
iii. Walls

Walls are one of the most helpful things in Gunz. There are a few ways to directly and indirectly use them. The direct ways are Wall Running and Wall Jumping.
1. Wall Running

A Wall run can go two ways. If you want to go up a wall then run straight towards it and as soon as your foot touches the wall, hit spacebar. To run horizontally across a wall, look at the wall at about a 45 degree angle and run towards it. Immediately when your foot hits the wall push spacebar. You can start a wall run with any weapon equipped (except for Maching Guns and Rockets) and you can shoot a gun while running. If you stab your dagger while wall running you will stop wall running.

Horizontally: Approach wall 45 degrees--jump
Vertically: Approach wall head on--jump
2. Wall Jumping

A Wall Jump is when you jump from the ground, into the wall, and then jump again. A Wall Jump can be executed on any side of your body while a wall run must happen with your front facing the wall.

Jump(from ground)--Jump(off of wall)

Walls also have many indirect uses too. Letís list them!

1. If youíre running away from an enemy you cut a corner really tight, the enemy will have to turn the corner before they can shoot you.

2. Hiding behind a wall and using the third person view to look around the wall helps to give you an advantage. You know exactly where the enemy is (if they are out past the wall) but the enemy doesnít know where you are because they canít see through walls (unless they hack).

3. If you are fighting someone in a secluded space and they are charging you, use any wall around you to wall jump above them and then get away or fight back.

4. This one is really helpful. Pretend to run away from someone and duck behind a wall. Before they get to the corner of the wall, do a wall jump off of it. If you timed it correctly, the enemy wouldnít have been able to see you when you jumped because you wouldíve been in the air. After you land you can get a free shot at their back. Another cool trick is to duck behind a wall and wait for them to reach it then pop out, shoot them, and run the way they just came from.

5. Right-clicking in the air with your dagger will let you hang onto walls. If you get up high enough with a wall cling you can hide behind a wall at a higher elevation (duh). Being that high though, some people may not see you when they turn the corner. As soon as they start walking past where you are hanging, you can drop down and start shooting them.
iv. Stab

Okay, time for attacks. This is the fundamental dagger attack that is done with a left click of the mouse. These can be chained very quickly to rack up quite a bit of damage and to partially paralyze the enemy. You can walk around or dash while still stabbing, so if someone is running away or trying to dodge you can chase them and still get hits off. This is cornerstone to many dagger moves and is key for fast movement, which you will learn later. Learn how fast the stab is and get a feel for how long it lasts. Better daggers mean faster stabs too.

Left click
1. Circle

Sub-section of the stab here is the circle. This is something else you can add into your dagger hat of tricks. If you catch someone with a regular stab they will be paralyzed for maybe half a second. That doesnít sound like a lot, but itís enough time to stab again and get a combo going. If you only keep the combo up on only one side of them, they could be able to get out of it on the other side. Circling around the enemy helps to cut off potential escape routes. Take a guess on the direction they will try to move and circle around them to that position. The idea behind the circle is for you to be a moving wall and block the enemy from escaping your stabbing combo.

Stab--Walk around enemy
2. Corner

Now this is quite an amazing feat, even though itís only a beginner move. I still catch people in the expert and elite channels like this sometimes and get a few good kills because of it. The circle transforms your body into a moving wall that blocks people from moving. Well, if you can get one real wall, or even two real walls to help you pin people down, you have an even better chance of racking up much more damage than you normally could. Unless you are hacking, you canít move through a wall, so the more walls you get next to an enemy, the less space they have to move. Look for people standing next to a wall or moving towards a wall and take advantage of it and pin them down. Combine this with circling to make it even harder for the enemy to get out of it. Be careful though, smarter players will try to pull out a sword and block youÖbe prepared for that.

Pin next to wall--Stab--Circle

v. Lunge

The infamous dagger move that forever scorned it with a bad name. Upon right-clicking your mouse you will wind-up and zoom forward fast. Anyone you hit along the way will become stunned and pushed back. If the opposing party doesnít press spacebar before that animation is doneÖthen you get free shots at them while they lie on the ground. When you first start playing this game, many people will fall to this move. As you go up in levels it will get harder and harder to land this move because people will see it and recognize what they have to do. Once you get to the expert channel it isnít often that you will land this successfully, but every once in a while youíll get lucky.

One good tip on how to use the lunge correctly is as follows: DONíT MISS. If you miss you are in deep trouble because the cool-down time of the lunge is horrendously long, leaving you wide open for a counter-attack. A good place to use it is while hiding behind a wall. The enemy wont really expect someone to pop out from the wall and attack them with a lunge. If the enemy is trying to do something else and you lunge them you have a better chance of landing it too. Donít overuse the lunge because people will start to look for itÖbut donít be afraid to use it either. Hereís a few more things to know about this move.

1. The lunge does damage. When you use the flipping attack with the sword or kodachis, they only flip people into the air, inflicting no damage.

2. The lunge canít be blocked. If someone walks straight up to you with a block on, then lunge them. You will have a chance to get them on the ground and inflict a little bit of damage at the same time. This is also a good tool for going up against an angry butterflyer. If you are behind a wall and someone is approaching the edge of the wall with a block up, lunge them.

3. Faking out people with lunges works wonders as well. Pretend to run away and turn around and lunge them. Pretend to charge up a massive (explained in the next section) and then lunge them. Stab people into a corner and before they can block youÖlunge them!

Right click
vi. Massives

Probably the most glitched up move in the game is this, the massive attack. To start a massive simply left click and hold it. You will see your character go through a wind-up animation and a little white light form around your dagger. Once you get back to normal position to may do anything you want to as you normally would, but once you hit that left click button again you will use a yellow colored, powerful stunning attack. If you hit an enemy with this, they will suffer some damage and be stunned for about 2 seconds, wide open for attacks. Careful though, if you miss with it then you will be left open to be attacked while you try to recover from using it. Use this more in secluded spaces where the enemy canít dodge it as easily or canít see it. If it comes to chasing the other guy down in order to hit them with it, then you might as well switch to another weapon to get rid of the charge so you donít screw up and miss. Jumping while performing this seems to work better than just standing.

You also need to know that sword can block this move. If you try to use it on them, and they block it, then THEY get the massive and are able to hit you. To avoid getting blocked, look a different direction while you do it. For some reason with the way the game is programmed to detect hits with massivesÖyou can look in any direction you want while you use it and still hit the other person. Donít use these all the time though. Be sporadic, and change it up a lot. Like the lunge, people will know and look for the massives so they will become harder and harder to land the more you use em.

If you think youíre about to get hit by a massive, try to dash away. Dashing while getting hit by one will make you slide away from your opponent making it hard for them to hit you. This will save your life many a time.

Hold left click to charge--left click again to attack
vii. Wall Canceling

OkayÖsoÖI didnít put this in the ďWallsĒ section of the beginner part because of a few things. One, I was hoping for anyone reading this to take all of these sections in order and try them out before moving onto the next one, and because this is a bit tough for newcomers to learn I put it at the bottom of the beginner guide. Second, itís a glitch in the gameÖnot a regular move that was intended. You remember the regular Wall Jump? You get a little bit of height off of it when itís preformed right? Well, what if I told you that you are able to do a wall jump over and over and over again. You would keep climbing higher and higher wouldnít you? Let me explain:

Something interesting in Gunz is that any melee attack cancels whatever animation you were just in and allows you to do whatever else you want. When you jump off of a wall you will gain some height, but you wont be able to do anything else until you hit the ground. If you stab with your dagger, then you are able to do whatever you want while you are still in the air. Do you see what Iím getting at? After jumping off of the wall once, you can stab with your dagger to cancel the falling animation and dash back towards the wallÖto once again jump off of it! Once you jump off of it again, you can then stab again to cancel and again dash back to the wall to jump again! Amazing isnít it? You can keep climbing higher and higher as long as you keep canceling the falling animation and keep dashing back towards the wall to jump.

This move is a staple to anyone who plays Gunz, period. If you canít do this, then you are at a serious speed, movement, and evasive disadvantage. Master this move, it will set you up for good counter-attacks, get you into position faster at the start of a round, help you chase others who are running away, and many other things. Remember that you can do it on any side of your character. Front, back. or sides it all works the same.

Wall Jump--Stab--Dash ((Repeat))

III. Advanced
A. Intro

Still with me? Good! Glad to see you havenít given up the dagger yet. Here is a section of pure dagger moves, attacks, and techniques for those of you who have already mastered the basic stuff. These moves will up your attacking power, evasiveness, unpredictability, and toughness to kill. These arenít the perfect moves that just completely obliterate enemies, but they sure help a lot. Mix these up into your regular fighting moments and use them a lot.
i. Dagger Hop - Advanced Movement Techs

This is a simple but fast and sporadic move that is used for both movement and attacking. Jumping then dashing and then finally stabbing is all it takes. Once you get good at it, you will be able to chain a whole bunch of these hops together. For evasive purposes you can use it to not let the enemy know where youíll go next so they will have to guess on your next move. Even very accurate people have a bit of trouble hitting a Dagger Hop when itís used correctly. A Swedish term, ďFartlekĒ, can be used to best describe how to effectively evade with this technique. Fartlek in Swedish means ďSpeed playĒ. To use this move correctly you have to be constantly playing with your speed. Speed it up, and look like you could be anywhere at any second to make the opponent aim fast and sharp to hit you. Then slow down your dagger hop and watch the enemy over-aim the next shot and the next shot. Then speed it up again--- but only for a split second---and slow it down for a few more jumps and dashes. The more unpredictable you are, the harder it is for the enemy to hit you. The best example of this that I can give you is if you watch my second movie and skip to about 55 seconds into it at the town scene where someone was trying to Swapshot shotguns at me. In that clip all you see is dodging with a Dagger Hop and little bit of a Dagger Flash. I didnít get hit once during that.

There isnít much to say about the attacking form of this. If you hit someone with a stab then you can go back and forth across them a few times with more stabs. It can be very damaging if you are smart enough to stay behind the person that you are stabbing so that they canít turn towards you and block a stab. When you attack with it, just think of it as a faster, jumping Circle.

Jump--Dash--Stab ((Repeat))

ii. Dagger Flash

This move goes back along the lines of ďa melee attack canceling animationsď. The steps to it are jumping then dashing then stabbing and then dashing again. Notice something weird in the steps? Iíve asked you to dash twice before finishing the move. On a normal dash you have to wait for the entire animation to finish before you can dash again, but when you stab the dashing animation is canceled and it allows you to dash again. You can do the second dash at any time. If youíre fighting someone and need to fake them out, do the second dash really early to get them to look a different way than where you were actually going. If youíre behind a wall you can pop out from behind it, stab the enemy, and get back to where you were originally standing by doing your stab and second dash a little later. This move is also helpful to get around corners quicker. Dash once towards the turn, stab to cancel, and dash again around the corner. Combining this move with Dagger Hop will make you an even harder target to hit. This is also a good move to use to get behind a Butterflyer and to check a corner for a massive if you think that someone may be hiding behind it.

iii. Dagger Train

Another potentially heavily damaging move, the Dagger Train. This move is Dagger Hop just without the jump. Just like the Dagger Hop itís both good for offense and evasion. Not much to say about this move, for much of the thought process is the same compared to Dagger Hop. Combining this move with both Dagger Hop and Dagger Flash will make you a hard target to hit. That, and it also look funny when itís done properly. Youíll know that you have the timing on this one down when you see your character in the standing position stabbing with the dashing lines trailing behind him. Good timing means you donít see your character lean down for the dash.

All three techniques posted above in the Advanced Movement section (Train/Flash/Hop) should be used together and in random succession for proper evading. Mix em all up into each other.

Dash--Stab ((Repeat))
iv. JSD - Gun Moves

JSD is short for Jump/Shoot/Dash. Itís pretty much self-explanatory. First you jump, then you switch to a gun, you shoot the gun, then you switch back to your dagger and dash away. This is a good technique to use for you keep up a good evasive stance while being able to fight back. It works best with single sure shot guns like Revolvers, or Rockets, or a Shotgun. If you want to use an automatic weapon, then just add a tumble before you switch back to your dagger. Use walls with this technique too. If youíre dashing left and you know that thereís a wall right there, jump once, switch to your gun and shoot, jump again off the wall, shoot again, then switch back to your dagger and dash. Just like any other technique, donít overuse it or people will start aiming right above youÖwaiting for you to jump so they can nail yah.

Jump--(Switch to Gun)--Shoot--Switch to Dagger--Dash
v. JSF

JSF is short for Jump/Shoot/Flash, very similar to JSD with a little more dagger added to it. Do a JSD but instead dash towards the person and stab them and dash away. You donít necessarily have to stab them, but itís nice to. The extra stab and dash might be a little hard to accomplish at first, just keep working with it until you find the perfect timing to get the shot off, switch to your dagger and dash. Stabbing them with the end of a JSF will (of course) paralyze the enemy for a split second, which is plenty of time for you to pull another move on them. This is easily flowed into any Advanced Movement tech.



v. Stab-Shot

One of the best ways to paralyze people and kill them is this---Stab-Shot. You should of course know that the dagger stuns itís target when the stab happens. The mentality used in this move is that of paralyzing the enemy, and shooting them dead. What this calls for is to trick the enemy into blocking your stabs, but you backing up before your stab gets blocked and shooting them. This move is best done with a fast dagger so that you can finish the stab and switch to a gun (preferably shotgun) quickly to kill. Stab your opponent about two or three times to convince him that you arenít going away, and when he commits to try to block you, back up and shoot. Even if the other person doesnít block, you will still have time to aim and fire. Iím sure that most dStylers use this without thinking about it. Now that this has got your attention, Iím sure youíll start looking for places to perform this. ((A video of this will be presented upon request))

vii. Yo-Yo Hop

This oneís a fun move too, and has plenty of use, but itís hard to get down at first. This technique allows you to dash while you have a gun out. Thatís right, itís the same concept as K-style, Dashing while holding a gun. It isnít as flashy as a slashshot, (it actually looks really awkward) but it works almost the sameÖitís more of a Gear Tapped Half-Step (In K-style talk anyway). To do it: switch to a gun at the same time that you jump. Right before the top of the jump, when the animation of the shotgun coming out is finished, try to dash. If you tumble you did it wrong. It seriously should look like you dashed with a gun out. While dashing you are able to shoot so take advantage of that. Remember, you dash BEFORE the top of the jump, not at the top.

There are many ways that you can come out of Yo-yoing. Getting good at this move will allow you to keep doing it in rapid successionÖsay, doing it regularly the first time then jumping once you hit the ground, switching to your other weapon, and dashing a different way---then jumping again, switching again to your other gun, and again dashing another way. You could also start a Yo-yo, and while you are coming down, add a flash(switch to your dagger and stab+dash before you reach the ground). If you know Reload Shot(shoot+reload--switch) then you could also use that move during a yoyo. Be creative. Come up with different ways to use this move such as combining it with other moves. This is a good tech, master it.

Side note: Girl characters canít do this move with a Shotgun. You can get around this by first yo-yoing with a different weapon and switching mid-way.

Jump+Switch--Dash--Shoot ((Repeat))
1. Walled Yo-yos

Yo-yo Hop is mainly done on the ground, but it is possible to yo-yo from jumping off of a wall or after finishing a wall run. It takes a little longer to execute and itís a little harder to time, but it definitely has its use. To get it off of a wall, first jump off of one and stab right after the jump happens (so that you donít see a flip after the wall jump). Right after you stab, push the button to switch to a gun and then dash just like you normally would for a regular yo-yo. You can dash away from an enemy and shoot to retreat, you can dash at an angle to shoot and turn a corner, you can dash away from the wall to simply be more evasive, or you can dash back towards the wall to jump back off of it and keep shooting. Itís a bit hard to do one after the other over and over again without having to reset and it will look awkward if you try. The frames it takes to switch after shooting are just perfect so that this happens. If you can though, find two walls near and facing each other so that you can do a Wall yo-yo off of one, then dash to the other and do one off of it. Experiment with this. You can also do a yo-yo out of a wall run. Right when youíre about to jump off of the wall, do the same that you would with a regular wall run. Since itís a dash, you can change directions instantly no matter the momentum of the wall run.

(Wall run)--Jump off of wall+stab--switch to gun--dash

viii. Space Invading

If you havenít bothered to learn Yo-Yo hop, then skip this one too. This technique is simply a special way to move while yo-yo hopping. It seems simple and easy to hit, and if you know Yo-Yo Hop, then yes it is simple, but is it easy to hit? Not a chance. Ever played that old arcade game Space Invaders? Simply move like the bad guys in that game with Yo-Yo Hops. This technique combines both good evasion and a great offense. Start a Yo-Yo Hop forwards, then Yo-Yo Hop either right or left, then Yo-Yo Hop forwards, then Yo-Yo Hop Right or left again, then Yo-Yo Hop Forwards and so on and so forth. It is also a really great way to close some distance between you and your opponent without suffering any major damage and allows you to be able to fight back in the process. You can also use this way of motion with any of the advanced movement techniques

Yo-Yo Hop Forwards--Yo-Yo Hop sideways ((Repeat))
ix. Wall Raid - Misc Moves

I use this technique more for fun than anything else, but better mastery over yourself means better performance in battle, right? Wall Raiding allows you to extend a wall run without having to jump off the wall and dash back towards it. If you are good at turning your camera then you can get around corners while still Wall Running too. What you do is you start a wall run, donít move your camera, and proceed to stab your dagger and jump in that order. When you do, you should catch the wall with another Wall Run instantly if you pushed spacebar fast enough. Remember, donít move your camera once you start the wall run (unless youíre trying to turn a corner) or it wont work. If youíre thinking of using this move to get around places I donít really recommend it. A better wall running way to move is the next in the list, Gravity Shifting.

Horizontal Wall Run--Stab+Jump

x. Gravity Shifting

This is one of the two techs Iíve made myself (or at least found out about it and is now the first to tell someone). This allows for you to Wall Run while you are falling from being in the air, without having to touch the ground. If you jumped off of a wall and start chain dashing away towards another wall and you decided you wanted to Wall Run the wall you were dashing towards, then you would simply touch it, dash into it again, stab right after the dash, and double jump at almost the exact same time you stabbed. These need to be really close together or it wont work. Again I say, Once you hit the wall, dash again into it at the correct wall running angle, immediately after that you should stab, and immediately after that you need to double jump. You can travel around any map without ever touching the ground if you get good at doing this. This move is quite fun and you will find yourself doing it quite a lot in real games once you get good at it.

Multi-wall-running and GSing are different! Most people will say that these two techs are the same; however, a multi-wall-run only uses dashing towards the wall and double-jumping after reaching that wall. If you perform the steps like Iíve said here, you will be able to keep up a wall runís speed, turn corners and wall run better, and get into a higher priority wall run. This is the difference, and can only be done with a dagger. Swords have to stick to a regular multi-wall-run. ((A video of this will be presented upon request))

Touch wall mid-air--Dash into wall+Stab+Double jump
xi. Quick Stick

I use this technique more for messing around than anything, but it still has itís use in battle. Jump while standing next to a wall. Immediately left then right click and hold the right click. Notice how you stick into the wall almost instantly? If someoneís chasing you, and you run behind a wall, Quick Stick it up two or three times. If you were far enough away, the other person will slide under you giving you the opening to drop down and attack. Once in a life-time use, but still fun every once in a while.

Jump--Stab+Right Click
xii. Double-Stab

This comes out of a misconception made by earlier dStylers. You can tell when this happens if you hear the dagger stabbing sound twice while Wall Canceling. This move allows you to make two quick stabs, very close to each other. The only downside to this move is that you need a wall to perform it. Stab while youíre traveling towards a wall, jump off the wall, and then stab again. Jumping off the wall cancels the stabbing animation and allows you to do it again. This is very situational, but not at all useless. Iíve killed an enemy on Castle before by stabbing them twice while they were over oblivion. They went through the ďgetting hitĒ animation twice and fell to their death. ((A video of this will be presented upon request))

Stab before you reach the wall--Jump--Stab again
xiii. Extended Lunge

Useless? Thatís what I hear from some dStylers. Others use it all the time, sometimes too much. This move is a very long and fast lunging ANIMATION. The lunge range has itís normal range to hit people. This moveís main use it to cover ground fast since it takes the speed of a dash and a lunge and combines them. Dash normally but insert a lunge in the middle of it. If you got it right, you should see your character start to wind up and slide across the ground. Then you should lunge and speed up dramatically, and then finish the lunge and start recoveringÖwhile still sliding. You can use it in any direction and get pretty interesting effects, like a diagonal movement if you do it to the left or right. You still canít fight back like a regular lunge, but you move hella fast. If no oneís around and you need to get across Castleís main bridge fast, then use this and cover the entire ground in one move. If no one is around the clock at town and you need to get to it or across it fast, then E.Lunge your way over. There was one time when I used this move to attack someone. I was standing still, watching a bflyer approach me. I E.lunged backwards and hit him with it while backing up to miss his bfly. It looked cool, but I couldnít get to him fast enough to kill him (did hurt him a lot though).

ixv. Massives - Sword Exploitations

Okay, I know I already have a section of this in the beginner part of this guide, but thereís more advanced things to know about massives than simply how to use them. Since youíre in the Advanced part of the guide now, I think you have already experienced the un-fun thing called ďGetting-your-dagger-blocked-by-a-swordĒ deal. Well, First I will show you how the defense from a sword can actually turn the tide of the battle in your favor, and then I will go on to explain how you can try to save yourself if you mess up the first part.

1. Block Tapping

Block Tapping is one of the awesome wonders that both the sword and lag have created together. Getting the opposing playerís computer to say that theyíve just been attacked while theyíre blocking and getting your computer to say that you actually missed with your stab works wonders in Gunz. If you can give someone else a massive, without being thrown off balance, and they use that massiveÖthen they are stuck in the massive attacking animation while you can get free shots at them. This move works wonders against Turtlers. Block tapping can happen three ways I know of.

1. When going up against someone who isnít over 100 ping, then the best way to tap their block is to either get next to them and stab their feet while they have their block up, or to stab at them but turn your camera sharply and quickly away from them. Be sure to quickly get away from them as they may instantly try to massive you.

2. If you are going up against a lagger, be sure to check their ping and try to time your stab so that they will run into it at the time of their block. This is a bit harder but Iíve done it before.

3. Attacking a blocked person at a really awkward angle while in the air or on the ground will also sometimes give them a massive while you a free to move.

Stab--Turn sharply/Look down/lead the stab--Dash away

2. Ghost Evading

Now what if your block tap fails? The enemy now has a massive and you are in the ďoff-balanceĒ position. The only plausible outcome would be for you to get blasted in the face and then shot a few times and die. But there is hope if this happens. When you get blocked and thrown off-balance, keep your body at a 45 degree angle from the front of the enemies body. The massive will hit you, but you wont get stunned or take damage, just as if you were a ghost. As soon as you regain balance you can fight again. Do remember though that this is a position you DONíT want to get into because it is hard to get out of. Finding that perfect 45 degree angle from the enemy will be hard at first, so I suggest getting a friend in a private game with you so you can practice it. While you are off-balance, you can also switch to a different weapon so that as soon as you regain balance you can shoot back (this is called Magician Switch). If you look slightly up or down while doing this, it helps.

Get Blocked--Turn--Switch

IV. Expert
A. Intro

Whew! You made it this far in your dagger career! Iím impressed. Letís begin with the even harder stuff shall we? These techniques need lots and lots of practice to get down but are well worth it when they are successfully used in battle. None of these are experimental. I have been able to do each and every one on more than one occasion properly.
i. Dagger Machine - Expert Skills

Dagger Machine is a skill in which you manipulate the attacking frame with the dagger and couple it with the hitting animation you force on your enemy. Approach an enemy (preferably with a dash) and stab while you are doing it. Time the stab right so that you hit the enemy with it as it is returning to your body (2nd half of the stab). Also start turning a little before you know that the enemy will be hit. So, now you should be almost completely done with a stab, looking at about a 45 degree angle from your enemy, and be starting a jump. From here, finish turning to 180 degrees so that the enemy is now behind you. Dash backwards and stab at almost the same time. You should fly past the enemy and once again hit them with the 2nd half of your stab. Once you land, start it all over again (or shoot em).

What happens is that when you hit the enemy with the 2nd half of your stab, it gives you a shorter time to finish the stab in order to switch to something different, or start the whole process over again. Although the time is small, itís just enough to keep the enemy paralyzed in the ďgetting hitĒ animation so that you can do your next maneuver without him moving. Becoming a pro at using this move means that you can simply make the enemy stop moving---and just own him with only stabs. I mean, címonÖwhat can they do when they canít move or jump? If they try to block you, the turning plus the late stabbing animation will ensure you getting a block tap on them. If you do block tap them, either wait for them to use it and then start machining all over again, or pump íem full of lead. Even better is to vary your degree of turning either more or less than 180 degrees so that you wont even touch their sword, but rather hit their sides.

In short, because they canít move you can just wail on them until they die, or shoot them while they canít move. Any way that you decide to use it will definitely send a message to your enemy that you know what youíre doing. Remember, timing is critical. Too early/late stabs will get you killed.

ii. Instafall

So hereís the move that the sword stole from the dagger, Instafall. There is a difference between the sword and the dagger Instafall. One difference is that the sword Instafall takes practice, the dagger Instafall takes skill/luck. Also, the sword Instafall isnít really instant, it is possible to get out of it.


The way this works is by hitting a person while they are at their ending frames from any type of move with a lunge. Whether it be walking, shooting, dashing, or blockingÖyour lunge needs to connect with them right when they at in that position. Instafall works by taking the end part of whichever frame they are doing and replacing it with the ďbeing pushed back animationĒ that happens when you lunge someone regularly. When this is replaced, there is no ďbeing pushed back animationĒ, they just instantly hit the ground. If you stab someone while they are doing whatever they are doing, then they will go through the hitting animation before returning to that pervious animation. Stabbing someone will help set them up for the lunge and will keep them still. This is a simple move, you just gotta have perfect timing. The best time to land this move is at the top of a jump, or as they are landing from a jump, so try it out on some Butterflyers if you feel like it. Changing daggers usually means you are changing speeds, so you will have to experiment with a new dagger to find that perfect timing if you usually try to Instafall with more than one stab.

(Stab)+Lunge near the end of an animation
iii. Dagger Gatling

This is a fun move to do against Butterflyers also. It requires that you take damage from their sword, but will confuse the heck out of em and is a good set-up for some other expert techniques. Before you try this move against someone, you need to look at their Butterfly pattern. Look at how fast they move with it, how low to the ground they are and where you will need to stand to pull this off. What happens when this move is properly executed is that the enemy will hit you with a sword but will then get pushed back as if they just got lunged, even though you arenít in the lunging animation. Because you arenít in that animation, you can shoot them, or dash up and stab them. Lemme explain how this happens.

The keys to do this are a left click and a right click, both really close together but the left click a split second before. The trick is to time it perfectly so that you get hit by the enemyís sword just as your lunge is commencing. The way this works is that the Gunz engine see two separate things, the actual person and the actual personís attack. You start the lunge attack towards the enemy so the Gunz client creates an image of your attack and what should happen with that attack. When you get hit by the enemyís sword, your actual character gets pulled out of the animationÖbut the attack that the Gunz made for you is still going! You character is now free to do whatever he wants even though your lunge attack is still in progress. Because the lunge is unblockable, the butterflyer will get hit by it and start to fly backwards.

Learn how to time this move correctly and it will be invaluable to you if you ever come across an angry Butterflyer thatís hard to get behind or if you are looking to set-up one of the even more advanced techniques. If you wanna see this move in action, then check out my first movie and skip to about 2:25. The next scene is Shrine where I pop out from behind a wall and Dagger Gatling a Butterflyer in to the ground.

Stab(Donít hit the enemy)+Lunge(Hit the enemy)
iv. Dagger Juggle

When you get stabbed by a dagger while you are airborne you have to go through the hitting animation. For some reason, the hitting animation is not affected by gravity as much as regular falling and will also slide around a bit in the air. All you have to do to pull this technique off is to get under someone while they are falling and start a Dagger Train. This kills hard and fast because the enemy wont be able to hit the ground (as long as youíre doing it right that is) because of the slower falling speed of the hitting animation and that fact that you are standing almost completely under them. They can potentially take out a sword and block your stabs though, so be careful. An even cooler way to pull this off is to Dagger Gatling them into jumping out of the lunge and into the air, then getting under them and Dagger Training. Both ways work, oneís just cooler than the other. While you Dagger Train, you donít have to go forwards. Going left and right work too. ((A video of this will be presented upon request))

(Dagger Gatling)--Dagger Train (to an airborne person)

v. Dropping Juggle

Now this move is quite impressive. Dagger Gatling someone into safe falling is pretty cool, especially when you can get close and juggle them to death. If, for some reason, you donít feel like juggling the guy to death after the Dagger Gatling, or you just wanna end it quick, feel free to use this technique to pump a few shotguns into him real quick. First you Dagger Gatling the enemy into safe-falling, then dash towards them to start a juggle. Stab them once for damage, then stab them again while you dash backwards away from them. When they hit the ground their ďgetting hit animationĒ you put them into from your stabs will last for a little longer than normal. This is plenty of time to walk right up to them with a few good shotgun shots for the kill. The enemy might be able to jump again if you didnít time the stabs correctly, so be prepared for a jump when you start firing your second shotgun (Or whatever weapon youíre using). ((A video of this will be presented upon request))

(Dagger Gatling)--Dash Forward+Stab--Stab+Dash Backwards--Switch--Shoot
vi. Phantoming

This is a much, much more advanced version of Ghost Evading. Once you get very good at evading massives (IĎm not yet xD), you should study how the evasion of massives works. Notice when you get blocked after a stab that your character is now slightly off-center from your opponent and is facing him at a 45 degree angle to avoid the blast. Now that you know thisÖdo you really need to get blocked in order to dodge a massive? Of course not. If you see someone charging you with a massive, get slightly off center from them, and dash into them while facing about 45 degrees. They will massive and it will miss you. You now have all the time in the world to score an awesome kill. This move is tough, donít expect to get it on your day, or even week of trying. Thereís a picture attached below of a diagram of a massive, and also a video of me massiving someone else---in which they Phantomed by accident.

Approach enemy slightly off center and looking 45 degrees--Kill

Phantoming Accident
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vii. Dagger Medley

Alright, this technique I made up by myself on accident but it kicks some serious butt. Itís a way to almost completely paralyze your enemy and rack up damage together effectively. This move is a combination of five different dagger moves in a specific order that has the chance of killing anyone at full health with the right weaponsÖnamely dual shotguns. I was trying to think of a way that I could use Dagger Machine and Yo-Yo Hop together in one move during a battle one day when I got surprised by a Butterflyer. It took me a second to figure out what was going on because my mind was elsewhere, and as soon as I saw the Butterflyer I tried a Dagger Gatling. It hit him and I was free. Without thinking I jumped up and shot a shotgun at him but then remembered the juggling techniques and tried to cancel that shot by switching to my dagger and dashing towards him. The shotgun still went off and I got right next to him with my dagger. I stabbed him once and thought of Yo-Yo Hop and jumped by him. For some reason I didnít switch weapons and turned around to come back at him with a dash and another stab. I jumped again when I reached him and switch to my Shotgun this time and turned around with a Yo-Yo Hop and shot him in the face. I switch back to my dagger and started stabbing him before my dash with the Yo-Yo Hop was over but noticed he was trying to block me so I quickly turned 180 degrees and got a block tap on him. I then dashed backwards and stabbed him again while he was using the massive. I finally killed him by pulling out my shotgun again and firing once for damage, switching to my other shotgun for the kill. I didnít get it on tape, but it was pretty friggin sweet...Mainly because of the fact that I killed him at the very beginning of the round when we were both at full health. I went through it a few times in my head and found the five moves I did to kill him. First---Dagger Gatling, then JSF, then a little bit of dagger tricks, then Yo-Yo Hop, and finally Dagger Machine with a Block Tap for the first stab with the dagger. Because I was combining many different dagger moves into one big move, I decided to call it the Dagger Medley. Good luck mastering this one, I still have trouble with it, but I have been able to do it again so I swear itís possible. The Dagger Gatling isnít needed necessarily, but it helps. Part of the reason which makes it so hard to perform in real game is because that they will usually die in the middle of it.

If you donít want to take this as a real move, fine. What this move really is, is simply a combination of a whole other bunch of moves (You knew that already). But thatís just it, you could make up a totally different combo to use on someone in a game and easily call it Dagger Medley. Find out what combo works best for you and refine itÖmake it better. This is how I found my way to Dagger Medley, maybe youíll find a different way.

(Dagger Gatling)--Jump--(Switch)--Shoot--Switch--Dash Forward--Stab--Jump--Turn--Dash Forwards--Stab--Jump--Switch--Turn--Dash--Shoot--Switch--Stab+Turn--Stab+Dash Backwards--Switch--Shoot


(Dagger Gatling)--JSF--Jump--Turn--Dagger Hop--Turn--Yo-Yo Hop--Block Tap+Dagger Machine

V. The Tri-Attributes
A. Intro

Alright, now that all of the dagger techniques have been covered Iím sure you would like other tips on how to play and such. Here I will explain the breakdown of the three main game concepts of Luck, Skill, and Knowledge and tell you how each one effects you and the other people you are playing with. By better explaining how fighting with others works, you will become a better fighter yourself.
i. Luck

Luck, whether you choose to believe that itís there or not, still affects you and the players around you roughly 15% of the time in battle or so. The best definition of luck in this instance is: Things that are not in your control that work out in your favor. This actually covers quite a bit of stuff. Ever been walking around Town or somewhere and noticed someone standing behind a wall looking past it? Didnít you try to walk up to them and shoot them point blank? Iím sure that they died very soon after that. This is a form of luck that just happened. YOU didnít control the fact that the other person didnít turn around to see you, but it worked out in your favor because you were able to kill him. What about when youíre fighting another person who all the sudden messes up a butterfly and you are able to land the killing shot on them? YOU didnít control the other person and make them stop Butterflying correctly, but it worked out in your favor.

Luck is also how skilled the other player is. You donít control how well they play, so if they play badly, then you have a significant advantage over them through luck. Itís also how the other person uses their skills to fight you. If you are fighting a K-styler out in the open who is pounding Half-Steps into you, and you decide to stab and dash to the right at the same moment that they try to butterfly into you, they will most likely get a massive and use it. You turn around while they are still in that animation and shoot to kill. You didnít control that guy and make him use that Butterfly at that particular moment, but it definitely worked out in your favor. Luck is also the reason why people hate spikers. No one knows exactly when that person will spike in their ping , so at some moments they will be invincible for a second while they pump shots out at other players.

If you get a really awesome kill from someone, but it wasnít an all out fair fight, donít go bragging down everyoneís throat about it because it was mostly luck. It can work both ways too. Sometimes you will get unlucky and someone else will seriously take you out. Luck is the reason why some noobs are able to kill higher skilled players sometimes, they simply get lucky. Luck plays some part in absolutely everything that you do so donít ignore it, donít say it doesnít exist, and accept that you do get lucky kills sometimes.

ii. Skill

This gets mixed up with luck sometimes and most people think that Skill runs the entire game. Iím sorry to say peopleÖbut skill only affects your game play by about 35%, close to luck. Skill is defined as: Something that you do that affects you in your favor. Itís almost the complete opposite definition of luck even though luck does play some part in it. Skill can be most easily attached onto the actual techniques and moves that you can do, hence why we also sometimes call those Techniques, Skills.

One form of Skill is when you and someone else are in a battle and you can do something they canít do or you can do it better than they can. A pretty big advantage is formed with this. If two K-stylers are going up against each other and they both know how to Butterfly, but one can do it faster and lower to the ground than the other one, who do you think will win? Being able to control yourself more effectively in battle is an important asset in becoming a good fighter.

Another form of Skill is being able to smoothly and effectively change between your techniques to suit the situation. If you start trying to Dagger Hop into an opponent, and they bring out a Butterfly only a few meters away from you, getting yourself to change quickly to a Dagger Flash or Dagger Gatling could instantly win the battle for you right there. On the contrary, if you canít change moves fast enough then you could very well get caught in the Butterfly and lose the battle. Learn how to switch between skills better to maximize their power.

Do remember that just because you have more pure skill than someone else in a battle, doesnít mean that youíve already won. Luck and Knowledge come into play as well.
iii. Knowledge

This is the biggest smack down concept that almost no one knows about. This alone wins me more battles than Luck and Skill combined. Taking about 50% of the playing field, you better bet that this is very important. Knowledge is defined as: What you know. Simple isnít it? The definition of it is so short that it seems like it does close to nothing for you, but Iím here to say thatís wrong.

Knowledge is the biggest determining factor of whether you win a fight or not. Standing behind a wall and looking out from it with the third person view is using the knowledge concept to a good degree. When someone comes by your wall, you KNOW where they are, but they DONíT KNOW where you are. You have a major advantage over them because you can now set up to attack them, while they donít even KNOW whatís going on. They donít KNOW that they are about to be attacked, so they donít KNOW to dodge or defend.

When I used to K-style, I loved putting this into effect. I was a hybrid then so I usually ran around with a rifle and shotgun. Every once in a while in a new game, I would start walking around and spraying my rifle at people. Most of the time, other K-stylers would come up to me thinking that I was a noob, Not knowing that I could actually fight back with their own techniques. Iíve defeated many people just because they thought I didnít know what I was doing. They didnít suck at Gunz, they just didnít know.

If people donít know that you are hanging up high on a wall and they run right past you, they arenít going to dodge anythingÖbecause they donít know that anything is even there! If youíre in a gladiator and you start charging up a massive and a person decides to rush you, lunge them! They donít know that you will lunge em, they only know that youíre trying to get a massive going. If you see a big group of people fighting each other, throw some grenades towards the pile. They donít know that thereís gonna be grenades exploding around in a second so they wont move an inch.

Knowledge is the most important determining factor in whether you win a battle or not. Even if you get the downside of it you can still win, it will just be much harder. Use Knowledge to your advantage, donít let the enemy know what youíre gonna do next.

VI. Items
A. Intro

Items are very helpful to dagger users. Whether it be a smoke grenade or a health med, these things will save your life in battle more than once. Just picking them up though doesnít mean that you will win because of having it--you also have to know how to use it.
i. Grenades

Simple and to the point--Grenades are awesome. They can be used in so many different ways. When I first started playing this game, I used to think that they were kinda useless because people would move so fast. Now I know of a few tricks that are helpful in landing them. Frag Grenades are the most widely used of course because many people donít see the use to the other flash and smoke grenades. Frags are very destructive tools when used in mosh fights in deathmatches, or in piles of people in Team deathmatches. Of course, those are the easiest ways to use them. If you really want to be successful with frags, you need to start taking advantage of the Knowledge factor that I explained above.

---If someone hits you hard out in the open and you run to take coverÖright after you pass behind a wall, take a grenade out and tumble backwards and drop it. Tumbling backwards makes it so that it doesnít move, and if itís not moving then it wont make any noise. If you timed it right, the other person will chase you down, turn the corner and get blown up. You can also use this if someone is charging your position behind a wall. Just tumble backwards and drop a grenade. The enemy wont see it or hear it (except for maybe the initial bounce which makes a single sound).

---Grenades can also be used to flush out enemy presence from behind a wall. If you and an enemy are in a deadlock---both of you are behind a wall watching each other---Try throwing a grenade towards their hiding spot, waiting a second, and then rushing towards that spot before the grenade explodesÖyou could end up either getting them to come out from behind their wall to fight you unprepared, or you will catch them running away from that position enabling you to get a few shots on their back.

---One of the hardest, but most awesome and sneaky ways to kill someone with a grenade is to get them to follow you, then drop a grenade while you are behind a wall and step back from where the blast will happen. When the enemy comes around the corner and charges you, stand still and stab them. They will get hit by your stab, stop moving, and then get blown up by the grenade.

Smoke grenades are also useful. Ever experience something where someone throws too many smoke grenades and everything becomes laggy? Itís hard to perform moves and techniques while your screen and shaking like that. One way Iíve gotten kills from using smoke grenades is when I hid in the tunnel in castle. When I noticed a person thinking about coming my way, I filled the room with smoke grenades, making screen lag a given. The person entered the room and I lunged them. Because their screen was lagging, the spacebar didnít work as well as it usually does, and they hit the floor, giving me a quick kill. Iíve also done this before in town when I was hiding behind a wall in alley facing the clock. You can also use smoke grenades to disrupt a K-styler. If a K-styler tries to move through a smoke screen while butterflying or another K-style move, the lag will usually stop their movements or make it awkward for them to try to perform any more moves. Smoke grenades can also be used for cover when moving from place to place, but people are usually smarter than that.

"[i]f...someone mass-smokes causing YOU to lag, look somewhere on the ground or in the sky, and the lag stops. Useful to know if you're escaping a parade of smoke grenades."


Flash grenades are a little fickle, mainly because you donít know if the grenade hit them or not. I donít think they have as much use as Smoke or Frag grenades, but they have their niche. If youíre using one, try not to make it obvious and throw it straight at them. The timer wont go off until the grenade hits the ground, so aim at the ground. You need to be a little careful though, because flash grenades only work for a set distance. If the enemy is too far away then they wont get hit by the flash. The people who do get hit by flash grenades, IF THEY ARE SMART, will just start evading like mad. Get close to them and stab them to keep them still. They wont know theyíre getting hit since their sound is disrupted. The stupid ones will just play dumb, shoot them. Turn around after throwing a flash but before the flash goes off so you wont get blinded yourself.

Grenades go better together! Smoke, unless youíre good at lagging others, it almost useless on itís own. Throw a smoke down and hide a frag grenade in it. Better yet, throw a flash into it! Using smoke will make some people start trying to look through it to see if anyone is there. If you can tuck a flash in there, they will be blinded without knowing what was coming! Having a set of Frags and Flashes can sometimes trick your enemies, as they may mistake a frag for a flash or flash for a frag.

ii. Meds

There will be times where the enemy gets some lucky hits on you, or you will mess up a tech and take a lot of damage. Meds give you a second chance in battle to come back and win. You can use any combination of meds you want, although I highly disagree with double AP ones because HP is the only thing that governs if you die or not. If you get two different sets of Meds, either two different kinds of HP or one AP and one HP, then you can drop them twice as quick. Run into a wall or other obstruction and hold down the mouse click while switching between them. While medding you need to be careful for people coming up behind you or rushing you. Meds make lots of noise so enemies close by will hear you. Sometimes when you get rushed itís better to leave your meds and step away from them. You will usually dodge some shots if you do that, and the enemy will try to take what you left behind. If you see them trying to get there, shoot at that spot and make them regret it. Also, if youíre in a battle and are hiding somewhere to reload and are only hurt a little bit, but not a lot. You should think about healing maybe one or two times. You arenít going to magically regain health in battle so youíre going to have to them anyway, and the farther you are from zero the more time you can spend in battle without having to run and med.

VII. Accuracy
A. Intro

Accuracy comes in two forms, your accuracy and the accuracy of the gun that youíre holding. Knowing how both are different and how to control both will help you out greatly in battle.
i. Aiming

If you canít aim at people yourself, you wont win---period. Some people are naturally gifted at aiming and can obliterate enemies easily. For the rest of us non-perfect aimers, we need to have a few tricks up our sleeve to help up out in battle.

One way I know that helps out with hitting people is not actually trying to aim at them. As a dStyler, you will be fighting mainly K-stylers. If you donít already know, all K-style techs are performed in the air. When you see someone starting a Half-Step, you know that they will have to hit the ground sometime. Study how this person uses Half-Step, and put your cursor over the spot where they will land. When they run into your cursor, fire. You wont have to aim at them this way, they will simply run into your reticule. The reticule is also something very important. You need to find one that best mimics what weapons you have. I use the built in number four from the options menu. Itís got an outer ring for sprays and shotguns, and a small dot in the center for revs and rifles. Find a good reticule for yourself.

Another thing that helps out with aiming is to make it so that you wont have to aim to hit them. This is usually done when you massive someone and stun them. You donít have to aim to hit them since they arenít moving. Also, if you see someone dashing in a straight line, or they are half-stepping in the same pattern over and over again, line them up in a way where you donít see them moving side to side---just forward and back. You wont have to move your mouse around to hit them, since left and right are the only directions where you need to turn.

You could also do it the hard way, practice. Take a friend into a private game and let them just try to dodge around. You should concentrate really hard and simply follow them with your reticule---not actually shooting them, just following them with it. If you concentrate well enough on how whatever move they are performing works, where they will go next, and such you should experience better hit percentage. Trying this out in a real game is a bit harder, but works for me quite well. Just concentrate.
ii. Guns

Guns arenít perfectly accurate. They wont always go exactly where you aim them. Knowing how your gun reacts to the triggers being pulled will help you correctly position yourself on the battle field. Here I will outline some good points on each type of gun.

Pistols: Very accurate weapons. Although they donít quite do a lot of damage, they can be fired quick and maintain their accuracy. The first few levels of pistols might be a little whacked, but around level 10 they become deadly. You will want to swap these out with the other type of hand gun at higher levels because of power. Youíll want far range when using these.

Revs: At low levels to fairly high levels, Revolvers suck at accuracy. They may do a lot of damage, but they just wont go exactly where you point them. There are a few tricks to revolvers though. The first shot you take with your revs is always the most accurate shot. Thatís why youíll usually see people streaming them in battle. If you shoot them slower they also tend to fly straighter. Once you get to level 45 (or something) and get the last set of revs, you will probably not want to get rid of them. High damage, High accuracy guns. If you get the fourth reticule and try out these revs, you will see that the bullets never leave the outer ring. Thatís pretty amazing. Stay middle to far range with these guys.

SMGs: Horrible accuracy. Some certain types of SMGs are fairly accurate, but overall they arenít good. High power and lots of bullets make up for this though. Stay close, but out of melee range, and unload these babys into your opponent. These work best when used with the Reload Strategy as explained below. Close range to successfully use these.

Shotguns: The closest thing to hacks in this game (without actually using hacks) is the shotgun. The shotgun shoots twelve bullets, each bullet doing the damage you saw on your screen when you bought it. The amazing part of shotguns is that the bullets move in a cone away from the gun after theyíre shot, but Iíve come to notice that after they move so far away, they stop coning and just go straight. This is why people shoot at others far away with shotguns---you can still hit them because the bullets stop spreading after a while. These can be used at almost all ranges, but are best up close.

Rifles: These guns are just amazing. Very accurate weapons that shoot very fast. These guns rival the revolvers in high accuracy. You can definitely tell of their power if you try the level 18 Maxwell LX30 or level 34 LX 44. These guns shoot very fast, probably the fastest guns in the game, and are extremely accurate. You gotta be good to use these though. The damage per bullet isnít too high and they are accurate, so you have to make perfect shots. These are good weapons to snipe with. Middle to far range.

Rockets: These are the only weapons with close to absolute perfect accuracy. They will go almost exactly where you shoot them, every time (Maybe one or two pixels off target). The only downfall is that they need time to travel, so you need to get closer to effectively get hits off. Too close will blow you up too though. Use middle range for these.

MGs: It seems that these bullets travel near the same way as SMGs, maybe a little more or less accurate. If you can get close and still dodge well with them, then please do. Their high clip count lets you continue firing, even when the other person runs out of ammo. If someone just insists on Butterflying you, just stay a few spaces away and spray their feet. Youíll get em to stop. Middle to close range.

ii. Reload

This one makes people so mad, but if youíre using single shot weapons, they canít really say anything to you because you won fair and square. This one is all about conserving your ammunition and making the enemy waste theirs. If youíre really good as these strategy, you will dodge and count all the enemyís shots, and when you know that they have to reload their weapons, sit still and shoot yours at them---itís not like they can fight back! People react different to this when it happens to them, so be prepared for anything. Some people will just start Butterflying around towards you. Back up and shoot; Block tap them; lunge them, or whatever. Other people will try to reload right in front of you. You can just stand in one spot and shoot them dead, get close and get them into a stabbing combo while they are trying to tumble away, or whatever else you want. They canít fight back until they finish reloading. Some people will try to run and reload. Just follow them and fire. This works best with SMGs and MGs, or even Shotguns and Revs if youíre good enough.
iii. CQC

This is short for Close-Quarters-Combat. This one requires you to absolutely know exactly how K-style works and exploit every single detail of it with a single stab of your dagger. This is the hardest thing to do in all of Gunz, period. Iíll list some examples.

Half-Step: Get close to a Half-Step and get hit by the sword, back away from a half-step and get shot with a shotgun. It doesnít really look like you can win in this situation does it? There is one spot in a Half-Step though, that is vulnerable. This is where the K-styler finishes the HS and begins to start a new one. In this lag time, they just shot their gun and the slash has long been over, so you can get a stab in. This works best against those who Half-Step left and right or right and left. When they start one, notice the direction they start to move in and dash towards the opposite side. If you timed it right and got the distance correct, you will be right next to them right as they are landing from performing it. Turn to face them and pull it into a stabbing combo. Block tap them, Instafall them, Dagger machine them, whatever you want to do next. Lots of possibilities here if you successfully break a Half-Step.

Butterfly: I bet youíre saying now, ďThat move is invincible, how could you possibly break one of those?Ē Iím telling you now that there are holes in a Butterfly. This is much easier to see and do against a slow one instead of a fast one. If you are near a Butterflyer while they are doing it, you should be able to hear the slash of the sword. The sword slash can only hit you while they are traveling down towards the ground. While the Butterflyer is coming up to start another one, there is no slash. If you time it right and get next to them while they are climbing, you can get a block tap off. There are even times where the block wont successfully stop your stab. This is when the block is just starting to come on, and just about to end. Once you either block tap them or get a real stab off, let your imagination tell you what to do next. Always approach the enemy at an angle.

Instafall: The swordís Instafall isnít instant. As soon as you get thrown up into the air, hit the spacebar as soon and as fast as possible. You will land on your feet. Most K-styles will take out a gun because they suspect you to be lying down. Simply start stabbing them and take it away from there.

Start looking for other things that can be exploited and get in close. CQC takes mostly skill, but also luck. Ping affects how this works to some degree. If you mess anything up here, you will die, so get good at it. Donít try to do this all the time though, this is where you will lose most of your lives and where the enemy will catch on.

IX. Influence
A. Intro

If you could control your enemy and make them do whatever you want, you would win every battle, right? Although you canít make them do everything you want, you can influence them to move or act in a certain way that you are prepared to handle. There are many ways to do this and itís all based on the relationship betweenÖ
i. You and your enemy

The way you play out your battle is what happens during the fight. When something happens, you react to it. If you can control this process, you can win almost every battle. Make the enemy do something that you are prepared to fight.

--Say youíre fighting in town, near the clock tower. The enemy runs and hides behind the clock to reload while you are still out in the open. If you take a grenade out and throw it towards the right side of the clock, you can assume that the enemy will try to dodge it to your left. Because you now know that he will move left, you can already have your reticule there, waiting for him to run into it. You influenced him into moving right into a spot where you were prepared to fire at.

--What about if youíre out in the open fighting a K-styler and you rush in a straight line towards them (from a good distance away of course). They will think that you are trying to come in close to stab them and will start a butterfly. Right when you see them start a butterfly, back up away from them and shoot their feet. They might get angry and start Half-Stepping again. Get close to them and make them go into a butterfly. Back and shoot them again. Repeat.

--Say if youíre running away from an enemy and they are shooting you. Right when you disappear behind a wall, the enemy might think that they have a moment to reload their guns (They assume that you kept running away). Instead of staying behind that wall, come back out into the open while they are reloading and shoot them.

--If you and an enemy are both behind a wall, waiting for the other one to moveÖstart coming out from your hiding spot, but then quickly go back. The enemy might think that you are going to charge them and will come out from behind their wall to shoot. The thing is, you already replaced yourself back behind the wall and the enemy just wasted their ammo.

--Approach a turn, but before you reach the edge of the wall, dash backwards. If there was a enemy behind the wall, they will either use their massive and miss (If they had one and were waiting for you), or will come out of their hiding spot and try to fight, or even keep running away.

All this section was designed to do was you get you to start thinking like the enemy and take guesses on what they will do next. If you KNOW what will happen next, you have a significant advantage. Always look for spots and situations and places to get the enemy to do what you want, namely being able to hit them, and they not being able to hit you. Trick them into messing up.

X. Conclusion

Well, everything I just told you is everything that Iíve learned in my now 13 months as a dStyler. Take this knowledge to heart, look at it as over-rated, go out right now and switch to dStyle, or shun the guide and flame me (My E-mail address is Cysote@yahoo.com for any and all flames) I donít care what you do now. All I can do is give you the information, I canít make you practice it, or burn it or anything. You must decide now what you are going to do. Thereís one last thing I wish to talk about before this guide is finished.
A. Your Own Style

Listen, this guide may be a great ďguideĒ, but it is only a ďguideĒ. This isnít the absolute sure-fire way to use and compete with dStyle. Iíve outlined many good points, Iíve shown the steps to many good maneuvers, and Iíve taught about certain tactics that can help get you on your career as a dagger userÖBut when it comes right down to it, you have to learn it all yourself. K-style is different, once you learn the core moves like Half-Step and Butterfly, then youíre almost completely ready to be competitive in battle. dStyle is much harder and takes much more thought and skillful timing to use effectively. The perfect way to fight using all these techniques and ideas is completely up to you. In one battle there are many different combinations of moves or different ways to do anything. Find what works best for you and get better at it.

I never had anyone teach me anything when I first started. I simply picked up a dagger and started working with it. It was only a little later that I found FatherPrimís guide and started trying to see through the holes in K-style. I got my butt thoroughly kicked for the first 4 months of my trying to do a dagger. Through getting my arse kicked, I became more aware of how my dagger works and how people think and act. Because I was an avid K-styler for about 6 months (Two of those were sorta half K, half E-style) I knew all their techniques and habits and such. I KNEW my opponent and because they DIDNíT KNOW how a dagger fights, I started winning more of my battles. As a dStyler, donít ever put K-style down. Even today Iíll go pick my sword back up and play a few games with it and learn more of itís techniques and how they work, and maybe even get some new skills and moves learned in the process. No K-styler can surprise me with anything.

So go out and try a dagger for yourself. You will learn more doing that than any guide could ever teach you.

XI. Resources

If you need to see any of my dagger videos (I referanced them a few times in the guide), then go to Gunzfactor's main page and look under their movie section. Find the movies labeled Do Dagger, Do Dagger2, Do Dagger3, and Do Dagger4:AHTPD. You can get a download link there. They are also on Youtube and Google Video (Except for DD4 which is only on Google Video) . Just search for them.

XII. Thanks

I extend a special thanks towards all the other dagger users out there that developed almost all of these moves and/or have helped to keep this dagger revolution growing. Keep it up guys. I must also thank my old clan leader Silent_Kill for training me well in K-style those many months ago and LightnDark for pushing me to become much better than I thought I could ever be and to continue growing (even though he may not know it himself).

Copyright: January 8, 2007 By -Do- Primogen Cysote Dokgo, Licensed to SoV

Gladiator Guide:
Written by: Kione

Table of Contents
1.1 - What you should know before reading.
2.1 - Things you will learn.
3.1 - Gladiator Styles
  • 3.1.1 - Turtling
  • 3.1.2 - Butterfly
  • 3.1.3 - Turtlefly
  • 3.1.4 - Double Butterfly
  • 3.1.5 - Juggling
3.2 - Massive Techniques
4.1 - Conclusion

1.1 - What you should know before reading:
  • Butterfly
  • Double Butterfly
  • How to Block dry.gif
  • Basic Massive Techniques
2.1 - Things you will learn:
  • Turtlefly
  • Massiving
  • Tactics
3.1 - Gladiator Styles.

Despite popular belief, turtling is a legitimate way to fight. Turtling requires some good massive skills, however. Turtling is basically blocking, getting a massive, then massiving the other player. This can usually be done in combination with Instafall, or Juggling.

Butterfly spamming is never the way to go, unless you have someone in a corner. However controlled butterflying can be very successful in combat. A good way to play is with timing your bf. Watch the opponent BF around, and get a rough estimate of there timing, then when they are bfing at you, you can BF them in between their slash and their block. This can sometimes rattle the opponent, and allow for another 2-3 slashes before they recover. Note that I don't recommend butterflying against turtlers, it usually won't end well on your part.

Turtlefly is essentially just a butterfly with an extended block. Along with an initial hit, this tends to get you an extra massive, at the end of your butterfly, giving you an opportunity to slash, massive, then instafall or BF spam, or even juggle the opponent. The only downfall to this technique is that is leaves you open to being flipped, or DBF'd(Double Butterfly). This technique shouldn't be used against high caliber players in Gladiator mode, as they will most likely spot holes in the technique and rip through it.

Double Butterfly is essentially butterfly with 2 slashes and 2 blocks in one jump. This is an immensely valuable technique against turtlers, and turtlefly users. This technique can cut through almost any other gladiator technique if used correctly. The most effective use is to thwart turtlers, by giving them massive, then hitting them again, and dodging the massive.

Juggling is a very advanced technique which requires a flip. The basic process is flip, then bf under the target so they cannot escape, while you continuously hit them with slashes. If done right, one flip can end the opponents life. The only downfall to this technique is if you try to flip and miss, it leaves you very vulnerable to attacks.

Massive Techniques;
180 Massive - This is used to break a regular block, all you do is massive, and while massiving, turn around half a circle.

Sky Break - This is used to break sky block, obviously. When an opponent looks to the sky and blocks, this is the massive to use. To execute it, all you do is look up while massiving. This is the most recommended massive technique, since most people tend to sky block.

Ground Break - This is used to break ground block. Use this massive when an opponent looks to the ground and blocks. To execute it, you look down at the ground and massive. You should use this massive very sparingly, because if you miss, it leaves your whole back and head susceptible to fire, increasing you chance of dying, or getting heavily damaged.

4.1 - Conclusion

In conclusion, this guide gives you the techniques and applications needed to become a successful gladiator fighter. However it is up to YOU to practise these techniques and applications, and learn how to properly use them in the right situation. Remember not to just use one technique in a fight, use a variety to throw your opponent out of sync, and keep them guessing.