Intelligent Person Version:

Petitioning for the Swords of Villanousity is a show of commitment to joining a serious and full-loyalty guild. We don't just accept people who ask to join or try people out. SoV is not an invite-guild, but rather one that requires prospective members to submit a petition for the guild's review.

SoV is a long-standing democracy. In order to gain acceptance into SoV, you need to earn the votes of many SoV members. Every realm (game we play) requires a different number of votes based on the size of the realm, but is not an unreasonable number of votes to earn. Most members will want you to contact them for their vote or play with them in game.

In order to petition, you need to first register an account on our forums. Then you need to find the petitioner's forum for the specific realm you are petitioning for and follow the instructions in the "Petitioning for Membership" topic (they are simple) and post a new thread.

What can you expect from your petition? Well, you're first of all going to need to earn some votes. Different ranks are worth different amounts of points, but the vast majority of members are worth 2 points. So if a realm needs 16 points to be accepted, you need 8 people to vote yes for you. Simple. It's slightly more complicated than that, but the Semi-god will worry about that for you. If you are having trouble gaining points to be accepted, you may want to refer to this thread.

Idiot Version: (since apparently a lot of people are just stupid)

Okay, you're a native English speaker, but you can't understand the English language and you'd still like to know to how to join. This should explain it better. To join SoV, you have to post a petition on our forums. (a petition is just a fancy word for application, because we're fancy) Don't let this intimidate your small mind.

Before you post a petition, you need to register to make an account. (you've used forums before, right?) You post the petition in the petition center section of our forums. (petitions in a petition center, complicated) You need to find the game subforum you're trying to join, so if you want to join in gunz, you find the gunz subforum. Inside the forum is a pinned topic, it'll be the top one. It'll say "Petitioning for Membership." Read it.

There is a pretty form in there, copy it. Highlight it and copy it. Then click the "new topic" button. Paste the pretty form in there and fill it out, then click submit thread. Congrats, you just petitioned to join SoV. Now all you have to do is appear intelligent and get people to vote for you. If you can get 5-10 people to vote yes for you, then you become a member. Find SoV members that play that game in order to get into SoV.