Berserker's Dictionary - All you need to know to be pro.

aaa - aaaa aaa aaaaaa aaa aa aaaa. aaaa aaaaa aaa aaa aaaaa aaaaaa!

Banana Glancer - Think of it like the guy who stands next to you at the urinal despite one being free two spots away.

Batt Attack - A ferocious attack consisting of heads, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes. Crab people are deathly afraid of these.

bbb - Parsaw's home planet.

BBQ - It's time to celebrate (can be used for anything, including celebrating having a green jelly kill you).

BBQSANDGANG - secret society consisting of Parsaw, Zao, Hesacon, and Sax.

Big Leaguing - Doing something unnecessary or otherwise pointless to beat someone in a humiliating way.

Buster Bombs - The ultimate bomb. Hesacon used these to destroy bbb.

CHOP! - You just ran a train through a person.

Construct (additional) Pylons - You're in DEEP shit.

Cooking - Superior to baking.

Demi-god - Democratically elected leader of a wing in SoV.

Dodged - Dude, F'Nok you.

DROP BOMBS - Time to kick some ass.

Dust Out - What you yell before(old school)/after(new school) DROP BOMBS.

Dustin - Grab your broom and your dustbin because this Banana Glancer forgot to Construct Additional Pylons.

F'Nok - SoV Kai-god and founder. It's pronounced EFF-KNOCK so F'NOKKING DEAL WITH IT. His name is also slang for fuck. Female version is named Phidaissi. They had a kid and the kid was named F'Phinok.

F'Nok's Axe - Fabeled weapon of F'Nok, the holder of which commands all Green Jellies. Minkor stole this and still has possession of it.

God/Goddess - Democratically elected leader of SoV.

Guild Internet Crime Center - The arch nemesis of vilanocity guild.

Green Jelly - The most fearsome creature one could imagine.

Hesacon - He is actually a duck. His name was democratically elected to be bitch, which is ironic since he is a duck, not a female dog. Hesacon is also short for He's Extremely Sexy And Can Own Newbs

Hesapes - A disease you wish you had.


Ian - SoV Kai-god. He cries a lot and hacks his phonebook.

Innuendo - In YOUR endo.

Jasper - Half bat, half monkey, all fat. Had the world's greatest liquor cabinet.

Kai-god - The highest rank one can achieve in SoV. Only former gods may become Kai-gods, and only by invitation from the Kai-gods.

K.A.I.N - Former SoV Kai-god. Stands for Kill All Ignorant Newbies.

Keep off my lawn - stfu.

Kionism - Religion with one commandment: Thou shalt not get all up in my grill.

Knights - Full members of SoV.

LIME/LEMON - BBB war chant, also interchangeable with "orange" and "grapefruit."

Minkor - Minkor is such a boyscout. He should also be addressed as Stinkor, or more formally Sr. Stinkor. His name formally means gay, fag, or queer.

Mount SoV - SoV's most famous landmark, located in Evergreen. All knights should at one point make a pilgrimage to Mount SoV once in their life.

NEWBAZOOKA - BBB Trooper's weapon of choise.

Parsaw - the eternal newb.

Ring Hand - The hand I'll hit you with.

Run Trains - The act of DROPing BOMBs.

Saxamophone - One saxy beast, though he was never an SoV member, he was part of the original BBQSANDGANG.

Say that on Warpath - I own you.

SEAL OF APPROVAL - This topic is fucking stupid.

Security Breach - 2007 version of Seal of Approval.

Shev - got sheved!

Semi-god - Democratically elected leader of a branch of SoV.

Snert - Bad guy, kill-stealer, general asshole. See also: snert handbook.

S.T.F.U - SoV's Training of Fundamental University.

The Keep - The former home of the SoV gods, but was destroyed by the fallout of a Kai-god falling into mortality.

TWO SCOOPS! - We just kicked your ass.

Worshippers - Trial members to SoV.

Your art sucks - You suck.

Zao - Fallen Kai-god.